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The Mystical Yoga Farm is a self-directed Retreat Center and Spiritual Community located on exquisite mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Focused on self-sustainability, organic connection with the environment, and feeding and nurturing the bodies and souls of yogis, teachers and healing practitioners, our desire is to heal the earth and its inhabitants through connection with nature and Spirit, the source of all of creation.


One of the primary principles that feeds us is that of ahimsa, harmlessness and the preservation of life, which radiates out in sustainable practices both inside and outside our walls.

As Founder Vedantin Ping Luo often reiterates ‘we do not own this land, we are simply caring for it, and as such it is with honor and love that we approach our relationship with this special piece of earth’.

Whatever your intention in coming to the Mystical Yoga Farm, whether for a Yoga Teacher Training, Permaculture Design Course, Spiritual Retreat or as a Living Community member, the Mystical Yoga Farm is a place to disconnect from the rush of everyday life and reconnect to Source in the Pathless Path.

Mystical Yoga


Throughout all the activity runs the practice of Mystical Yoga, yoga in the form it was originally intended, as a lifestyle, a living intention, of union of all levels of our being.

Aside from the daily practice of meditation and yoga asana, Mystical Yoga can be seen in the respect offered to the land, through ceremony and daily application of permaculture principles, in the reverence brought to meals, in the gratitude expressed in community gatherings, in the constant efforts to reduce, re-use, recycle, in the joy expressed through song and creativity, and in a myriad of other subtleties that make life on the farm so precious and unique.

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Mystical Yoga Teacher Training


The Mystical Yoga Farm hosts multiple yoga teacher training courses each year.

Your teacher training is facilitated by registered yoga school (RYT) SchoolYoga Institute. Designated by the Yoga Alliance as an RYS 200 and an RYS 300, you will earn your RYT 200 and possibly even your RYT 500 teacher credentials here, and awaken yourself at the same time!

SchoolYoga Institute yoga teacher training draws on the traditional teaching of yoga as spiritual practice, combining the ancient wisdom of the East, with modern wellness and holistic healing practices.

In addition, you will learn and experience the deep, sacred knowledge of the Andes, using the Peruvian Medicine Wheel and Shamanic Ceremony to guide you into a connection with your inner Self, going through a life-changing, restorative and revealing process of transformation.

The serenity of the surroundings at Lake Atitlan and the conscious living community found here, provide the perfect environment for this powerful process of release and renewal. 

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Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats Girl at Mystical Yoga Farm

The Mystical Yoga Farm, as well as being a haven for nature and humans alike, provides the perfect location for many unique and inspiring spiritual retreats each year.

From one-day workshops on Aerial Yoga, Meditation or Fermentation, to week-long explorations of creativity and relaxation or ten-day educational trips for young students, Mystical Yoga Farm offers a wealth of resources to meet the needs of any group.

In addition, hundreds of people have taken the opportunity to enjoy the grounding tranquility of a personal retreat, joining with the community for morning and evening practices and using free time to dive deep within.

With miles of open land and volcanoes to investigate, the tranquility of the mystical Lago Atitlan, outstanding yoga teachers and plentiful outdoor activities, such as kayaking and paddle boarding, MYF draws in a wonderful variety of ideas and offerings from all over the world.

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Conscious Living Community

Conscious Living Community Mystical Yoga Farm Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Sustainable Living: Off the grid in a tranquil, roadless forest, Finca de Yoga Mística is an ongoing, real-time experiment in the practices of sustainable living.

Finding balance, reconnecting humans with nature through revived techniques of rural living, delicately woven together with the most up-to-date and appropriate technologies, is the objective.

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