Volunteer & Staff Opportunities

We offer some volunteer opportunities at the farm and beyond.

Anyone is welcome to apply for an apprenticeship at the Mystical Yoga Farm.

Available Opportunities:

How to Apply for Staff Position

Letter of Intent

Please send a Letter of Intent to bryan@mysticalyogafarm.com.

Please address the following points in your Letter of Intention:

  • What are the exact dates that you are prepared to commit to being staff at the farm?
  • What Position are you Applying for and do you feel that you can fill this role during your time as staff?
  • What makes a good staff, and how have you demonstrated that you can be one while you have been an apprentice (or in your previous life-experience)?
  • What may change in your life that would change your ability to fulfill this commitment?
  • Do you have any concerns about your time at the farm?
  • Please attach a resume describing some relevant past work and education experience (does not need to be formal).

Expect to hear from us within one week. We will be able to give you a sense of what positions are open and when.

Already done the apprentice program?

If you have been an apprentice, you can write a ‘Letter of Intent’ and apply to be staff. We will usually get back to you within a week.
(See Letter of Intent Above)

Have not gone through our apprentice program?

If you have not been an apprentice at the farm, but feel you are a good match for a farm staff position, you can apply for the apprentice program and send in your ‘Letter of Intent’ at the same time. Assuming you seem like a good match, we will invite you to join the farm as an apprentice for one month before taking a staff position. Not the minimum commitment would be 4 months in this case (1-month apprentice, 3-months staff).
(Apprentice Application Form)
(See Letter of Intent above)

The Path to Become Staff

  1. Apprentice: Serve 1-3 months as an apprentice at the farm
  2. Letter of Intent: After 1-3 months at the farm, you can submit a Letter of Intent to become staff committing to at least 3-months as staff. (It is possible to write a letter of intent with your apprentice application to be considered for a staff position before your stay at the farm, but you will still be required to join the apprentice program for one month prior to taking the role as staff.)
  3. Staff: Receive Offer Letter and accept terms to become staff.

Staff Requirements

  • 3-month minimum commitment as staff required to accept a position.
  • Must commit to living a yogic and spiritual lifestyle while living at the farm
  • Must agree to promote the vision and mission of the farm and abide by all farm policies

Staff Benefits

  • Free accommodations & food
  • $150 monthly stipend (in some cases)
  • 10% discount on any SYI Yoga Teacher training for each month you are at the farm. (3 months = 30% discount. Up to 50% discount)
  • 1 day off each week, 1 rest day each week.

Positions: View available positions above

  • Apprentice: $350 per month payable to the farm
  • Unpaid staff: free lodging and food at the farm
  • Paid staff: free lodging and food, $150 per month stipend
  • Director: free lodging and food, $300 per month stipend