October Grand Re-Opening Coming Up!

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Things have been quiet with only six residents and the staff at half-time employment during the quarantine through August. Recently, the Guatemalan government announced that the international airport may be re-opening on September 18th. Now there is a new energy at the farm. We’re ramping up towards a grand-reopening in October and yoga teacher trainings in November and December.

There are a plethora of projects, repairs, and tune-ups going on right now. The water shala, which already got a new roof, is getting a new floor too. The concrete has been dismantled and will be replaced with a mosaic. All the rooms and living spaces are getting a deep clean. The gardens are being spruced up and overgrown foliage is being trimmed. We have dozens of other concerns all over the property that are being attended to as well. The Mayan staff is now at nearly full-time employment as we all work together to make the farm operational.

We hope that you will consider us as a destination to visit and rejuvenate your soul, especially after the difficulties of this year and the travel restrictions that were in place. We will be ready!