Sacred Silliness

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If there were a primary theme to the Mystical Yoga Farm, it would definitely be sacred silliness! The Farm has beautifully combined a deep reverence for the sacred with outrageously silly playfulness. And the reason this combination works so well is because it’s all rooted in the heart!

To create the sacred silliness vibe, it’s necessary to first develop a foundation in the sacred path in order to maintain the vibe’s integrity. Each facilitator or spaceholder needs to have a deep personal practice in their own sacred path. Then when a community or group comes together with members who all have a deeply held personal spiritual practice, it becomes easy to maintain this foundation in the sacred.

Maintaining deeply held reverence for our personal spiritual practice, while also holding a common collective vision, keeps us rooted in unified integrity of the sacred path. All of the spaceholders and long-term community members here at the Mystical Yoga Farm each have a deeply held personal practice, while also holding a common unified vision of creating the New Earth. This commitment and discipline to the sacred path is what keeps us in deeply rooted integrity.

And this integrity is more than just a commitment to a spiritual practice and a common vision. Our practice and our vision comes directly from the heart space. The sacred path is not just a reverence for sacred tradition or learning spiritual practices taught by spiritual teachers. We are committed to the sacred path of the heart. This means leading and acting from the inner heart space, with love, kindness, compassion, and grace.

When these foundations exist, a space is created that encourages free creative expression. Since here at the Farm we know that we each hold deep personal practices on the sacred path and we’re committed to living and acting from the heart space, we have then created a safe space to explore silliness and playfulness together. The vibe is then co-created by all who are present in the group. And at the Mystical Yoga Farm, we especially love outrageous silliness and lots of laughter!

The sacred path is one that requires commitment, discipline, and often includes massive transformative internal and external work. Creating space together for lighthearted fun, play, laughter, and joy, in a community of soul family makes this path so worth it.

And part of our reverence for the sacred nature of this life is recognizing that we deserve to experience love, joy, bliss, abundance, and laughter. We’ve learned that the silliness is also sacred!