HeartSong Gathering Day 1- Coming Home

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There is a sense of excitement and energy floating among the fairies at the farm. In the distance, interrupting the usually dominant peace, a boat engine rattles. A shipment of family is arriving. We are even more excited than last year! Fairies flood the dock, and more fairies spill from the arriving motor boat. Dancing is abundant, purrs are palpable. For any of those arriving who are unsure of their fae status, a week at this immersive singing festival is sure to confirm or deny their magic*.

One by one, bags begin to pile outside of the family dining hall. Creatures from all walks are meeting, greeting, hugging and holding. Limber yogis, gentle giants, eager entrepreneurs, permaculture powerhouses and crypto kids all take their first steps into what is sure to be one wild flight. And despite the immense differences, from where each one comes from to what each one does to how much money is in each bank account, this 40 strong group is connected by one powerful desire: to understand deeper the healing medicine of song.

Guests find their beds, prepared and prettied with flowers and fun.

Cue the cacao, because cacao is one of this farm’s favorite doorways to deep heart connection. Shoulder to shoulder, this huge family fills our sacred Water Temple completely. The spicy smooth smell of locally grown cacao stops to greet each guest in turn, and the general vibe of this sweet circle is one of coming home. We see each other, strangers and yet not at all, meeting in the soft spot we all share. You know that place, right between the ribs, burning at the center of the soul. It’s the heart space. Ever been there? It’s optional, but highly recommended. Eyes are bright as cacao makes its rounds.

The song that moves this medicine is gentle and kind, empowered by many unique voices. Cacao, medicina. Gracias cacao (insert song from book). The only word to describe the moment, the convergence of many paths in one place, is melting. The world melts just a little more as we sing together, blessing and passing warm Food of the Gods (the Mayans refer to cacao in this way, and we hear the Mayans knew a thing or two about this kind of stuff). And we are off, flying on song together. Unknown and known to one another, shy and shining, big and bold. We sing until our hearts might burst, we politely make our way through the meowncements*, and we fill our mouths and bellies with the big gratitude one feels after a long trip that lands them right where they need to be, that of course being a four day singing sleepover held in the gentle arms of lago Attitlan.

As we sing, as we harmonize, this big family from all over, the tehmescal is lit, and promises of a hot steam seem to further boost our brave heart openings. When the cacao circle closes, the candles in the center hold us for a moment longer in the sweetness. Some cuddle, some hold hands, some simply smile to themselves. This gathering of souls, all warm and held in a rich oasis of magic, has officially begun.

The fire is lit. The drums begin to beat. The shakers shake. The prayers begin in the light of the fire and our hearts begin to open like flowers. We are here. We can’t know the future, but we can certainly feel it.

And for this five day festival, it feels really, really, really juicy. Kinda like a heart song.

*This is, in fact, a redundant process as we all definitely carry a little fairy magic inside of us, even accountants. Trust me, there is one here.

*Meowncements are like announcements but for cute little farm kitties