HeartSong Gathering Day 2 ~ Take Off Positions

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The tribe starts the day right and tight with two yoga classes, each led by live music. Stretching together to integrate the day before allows us to start fresh and strong as we step into another day of song. And, lucky for us, today is super singy. 

Breakfast is a blast as kitties and fairies and warriors lounge together in the sun. The Mystical Cafe gives the family a beautiful space to sip coffee and mushroom lattes (non-psychedelic, but real psychedelicious). Fruits, chia pudding and other typically terrific hippie foods are enjoyed and we color, play music and catch up on the many different magical moments occurring around the farm. 

As the day begins to flow, the steady beat of drums in the distance draws the gang towards our sacred Water Temple. Abundant in jambes, shakers and medicine drums, it’s a paradise for those looking to tap into their rhythm-and that’s exactly the goal. Through steady shared rhythm, we discover something harmonious between us. It is a sense of oneness that feels so big it swallows us in its consistent beating, like the beat of the Earth’s very own Heart Song. In this ocean of one steady sound, the mind relaxes. Meditation becomes mandatory. It is necessary to be empty to click into the collective percussion. When the class ends, we gently drift in our drum trance. Our hearts feel stronger as they connect to the one which holds us all, our madre tierra. 

Jumping to lunch, it’s hard to hold our excitement as literal manna from heaven rolls out across the table. Fresh made tortillas, guacamole, lentils and vegetables, fresh salad, unbelievable sauces. Plates are stacked and squish is situated so happy butts can rest and revitalize. The smells of food and the delicate laugh and chatter hold us in a gentle hour of feast and friendship, and before long we hear the gong ringing us to the next workshop. We’re all full of love and processes and it’s time to unleash our spirit songs. 

What do we want to say to ourselves? What do we need to hear? This is at the core of our spirit, and the best way to find these words is to unlock them in song. Groups of two join together to speak to themselves, the other being a compassionate witness. Hearts are tapped and souls begin to wiggle and jive as each of us becomes curious about the song at the center of our heart. When the time comes to sing, the whole room seems to spiral upwards in joy as many voices climb from our individual centers to swirl together above us in prayer. To make a long story short, it’s pretty dope.

And as if it couldn’t get better, our dear brother Eric Mandala greets us afterwards with a huge pot of fresh local cacao and a live ecstatic dance. Without subwoofers, without a sound system, we dance out everything we experienced today. We are lost in song and prayer and we fly on love and chocolate and sound. Tears are shed and some laugh while others howl, and we end the divine madness in a twirling circle, arms around one another and ecstasy coming off our skin like fragrance off flowers. This is family, this is love. The dance removes our difference, even though we all move to the rhythm of the drums in our own way. Eric sings and dances in the center of a twirling ring. We share this prayer and process. Together we heal and soften, and the gong rings to announce dinner which is absolutely delicious looking and unfortunately I’m fasting tonight. Very hard to do here with this delicious nosh.

We close the day as we did before, a family around the fire. The songs shared there feel the most potent of all and each is a loving offering to the sacred fire. Puddles of cuddles form as us humans, sweet and social creatures, find warmth in one another. Love dances like firelight and rises into Father Sky as smoke.