HeartSong Gathering Day 3 ~ Full Moon Madness

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The morning in the cafe is all bright and shiny, just like us. Music jumps off guitar strings as we sip our hot morning beverages, enjoy tostadas and oatmeal and fruit, and meet for another new day. This one is extra juiced, as another 40 guests are coming to join the already bumpin’ farm family. We’re pulling tarot cards and chatting about healing (as we do), as well as preparing to host more fam than ever before. Though the day is action packed, we finish our food in leisure and amass all our gentleness, as this morning there will be a full moon water blessing and we’re all excited to give our thanks to the lake. 

Sister Sunny greets us in the temple, blue dress and basket of flowers painting a pretty picture of prayer done right (extra cute). We will sing water songs together, honoring both the water which is the source of all life, and those who protect it. The songs are sweet and pure, and our hearts are washed in loving words. We share our individual relationships to water: how we honor it, how it has impacted us, our favorite bodies of water around the world. We call out to these sacred places. The ocean, the creek by my house, the river I drank from, the beautiful lago Atitlan. 

When we sing the Japanese Water Prayer, a mantra offered to pray for the purification of the world’s water, everyone rises and begins to walk to the dock with flowers at the ready. We sit at the edge of the dock with our feet in the water, singing and throwing flowers. Let all offerings to the water be flowers, not trash and pollution, says Sunny. They look so beautiful as they float in the glassy surface of lady Atitlan. Some are upside down, and a brother mentions that these ones are gifts to the fish so they can also see all the beautiful blossoms. Pretty hippie stuff, maybe the kind of delicate ceremony few of us have ever experienced, but no one in attendance can deny that it’s heart opening work. Side by side on the water, throwing flowers and flowing with songs of healing, we collectively sense the creation of something special. Even those who did not begin the prayer with us begin to drift over to join. With all the sparkly people sitting by the sparkling lake, it’s hard not to be pulled into the flow of the water blessing. 

Gentle beginnings lead us to lunchtime and the vibe is getting higher and higher. More boats arrive to music on the dock and welcoming hugs. Tonight will be as big as the full Cancer moon, our abuela, who watches over us. But for now, full bellies head to a sound healing to find some alignment in gentle frequencies. Guests put down their bags and tour the farm, find their vibe and suddenly our farm family has doubled for the day and night. It’s officially the most family we’ve ever held at the farm!

After a galactic-level sound bath, all of our favorite activities are activated. Tea house to begin as we tap into our flow together, free styling (tea styling?) acopela style. The beats are insane, the words dropped are absolutely steaming and all of us are vaguely wondering if we’ve been dosed or if tea was always like that and we just weren’t paying attention. Cheers after cheers fill our hearts and cups. 

Yours truly is out there picking flowers alongside another superstar sister and together with the help of some other cool kitties, we’ve prepared the fire and altar for THE ABSOLUTE BEST (you might hear this a lot but I promise it’s because every time I type it, it’s super true) fire circle we’ve ever had. As it is lit, drums are pulled out and that delicious rhythm of oneness begins to grow around us again, combining us together in a circle that has been held by humanity since we first knew how to smash stones together to make sounds. This is prayer, and it is so simple and yet so special. Voices erupting together and it’s not an illusion that they are stronger than before. I mean, there’s twice as many of us, but also our opening hearts mean a stronger connection between soul and voice. The rich prayers are a direct result of a wider and clearer channel, allowing our feelings to rise and alchemize in our chests and flow with the force of love from our mouths. 

The music is relentless as talented artist after talented artist share their unique heart songs. The full moon climbs over us and shines down her silver soaked blessings, reminding us that not only is this a time of letting go; it is a time of harvesting, of holding abundance in our bellies and blessing the sweetness of this month and all we have learned. Harvesting insights, understandings, expansion, deeper connections with ourselves and so with others. Again and again, offerings of tobacco rise into the sky as we sing our attitude of gratitude full power. 

It’s full moon madness expressed in our sacred gladness, cuddled and cozy as one family before Grandfather Fire.