What is a Light Worker and are you one?

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Do you find yourself empathizing deeply with others? Maybe you find yourself incredibly concerned about the state of our Earth, or perhaps you feel a deep desire to be in service to others. Maybe you feel overwhelmed or disappointed by the current way humanity relates to one another and our planet. If you connect to any of these truths, then maybe you are familiar with the term “Light Worker”. If you don’t know the term, as a compassionate and caring soul, it’s about time you understood why you’re here.

The world is a delicate balance of light and dark and, as many sensitive souls like you and I have noticed, this balance seems to be skewed. As we deplete our resources, as more and more of our global family face struggles of war, poverty, inflation, isolation and gentrification, it is crucial that each of us begin to unlock our inate skills as light workers. This work may look different depending on the soul, but whatever the way in which you choose to share your light, now is the time to truly embody your unique powers. We need you.

Beyond a deep sense of compassion and empathy for others, there are a few clues you can use to determine if you yourself are a Light Worker. While I believe we all have innate light working abilities, some of us are more sensitive to our gifts and may already be activating them without realizing it. Light workers are responsible for a variety of deep spiritual and energetic work across the globe, and this can look very different because we are all so unique. Some may be devoted to healing the body, finding themselves as yoga instructors, reiki practioners, medicial staff and engaged in other types of body therapies. Others may find themselves on the medicine path, perhaps navigating addiction, working with support groups, or becoming curious about ceremony and ritual. Still others find themselves devoted to our Mother Earth as biologists, farmers, cooks, activists and more. Regardless of where they find themselves, Light Workers exist to inspire others to stand in their joy and truth and no longer live as victims to systems which do not serve our highest potential.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that these powerful souls find themselves in full confidence, power and strength so they can use their gifts to help clear away the pain and darkness of humanity. In so doing, together we create a path to a new dawn: one which serves the Earth and all beings, one which allows for freedom and cultivation of new systems and ways of life which are sustainable and regenerative rather than destructive. There is a need for Light Workers to become Light Leaders and guide the way for others as together we work to change the world.

Does any of this resonate? Anchoring the realization that you are here for this work can come about in many ways but if the concept of Light Work excites you, or even frightens you, you may be beginning to remember yourself.

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