Super Intimystical

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Pisces season is upon us, come here to pour her galactic waters of wisdom on the parched hearts of the masses. Full, unconditional surrender and love. And full teapots, hot n’ pu’ey like we like it. 

Thank you to all who came to make this very unique (as always) best Slumber ParTea (as always) ever. The farm was steeped in medicine from a super magic constellation of healers, feelers and space holders. The music by the fire was a doorway to divinity, complete with puddles of humming humans like strange plants on a new earth.

The farm seems to be a gateway for crazy. Not just divine madness but crazy in level of talent, devotion and radical eye contact. Despite all the big energies coming together in one bay, this Partea was gentle as honey, and as sweet and as sticky. So full of love and juicy pranna, even one bite of vegan nachos seemed to bring an overflow of yumminess to each of us which was far beyond that of normal nachos…regardless of their veganness. 

It is to live in love here. No heart can stay closed in this gentle garden. No head can stay unkittied by the ears of those who catted before us. Jah bless, and Sunny D too. Viva la familia, praise to our continued celebration and devotion to simple, harmonious living. 

See you for the Equinox Slumber ParTea on March 21. It’s gonna be real special, ya’ll.

I wonder what flavor it will be.