To the heart of the practice ~ Yoga School Institute Yoga Teacher Training at the Mystical Yoga Farm

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Your heart is the most healing medicine of all. This sacred portal to the divinity of unconditional love, like any fountain, is most effective when flowing, spilling and gushing. And when one steps into the role of a leader and teacher, love is the ingredient that will help you offer what is in most alignment to your soul. That’s why the Mystical Yoga Farm fairy garden slash transformational center slash sacred oasis of nature and no WiFi is the most well-kept secret ingredient of all. Until now of course because I am sharing it with you in this blog. Hi.

When going through any transformation, it is clear that the healthiest and most impactful changes come from simplicity and silence. We can not grow to our full extent when cramped in any container, be it the perspectives of friends and relatives, the expectations of society, the constant sounds of the world chewing at our spiritual edges. Discovering the Mystical Yoga Farm has been one of the most profound gifts of my personal journey simply because it is a container held with so much love that my being can’t help but expand. Combine this with an immersive 3 week Yoga Teacher Training and the results are so super nova that I had to go out and get quotes about it.

I spoke with Meg, a past YYT graduate now sharing her medicine with others. With so many YYT trainings available, all held in different retreat spaces, I wanted her to share what made this retreat so special. The rich teachings combined with the ideal container for integration certainly sets both the course and the location apart from other programs, but why exactly?

Meg tells me that, for her, the learning space held and led by Anita Sendara and Katie Renaldi, supported by student teacher Ashley King, was the foundation of an amazing experience. “My teachers really embodied the practice, and showed us yoga as a way of life and not just a series of postures. They really taught us how to integrate all of yoga, the way of union, into our lives.” With so many options for trainings all over the world, working with those who truly walk the yogic path in all they do transforms the experience from a mind and body connection to a full immersion into this heart-centered and incredibly deep way of living life. Teachers who truly reflect this way of life transform a classroom into a portal, allowing students to walk through into a new perspective on existence. This is amplified by the location, our beautiful Mystical Yoga Farm.

“The farm implements many Yogic and Ayurvedic practices. Farm volunteers, the Karma Yogis, work according to the Ayurvedic time clock and do must of their tasks during Pitta hours where there’s the most heat. The whole farm also practices noble silence every morning.” The way the farm’s staff is structured upholds and honors tradition and creates an energy which supports participants in their study. Even when not in class, we are surrounded by reflections of what we are learning and so receive an even deeper understanding of the material. The food is in tune to a simple, healthy lifestyle. It is all intentionally woven into the container in order to create the best environment to transform students into lifelong teachers, as well as lovers of the way. 

And speaking of the environment, the tranquility which surrounds the farm is integral to integration of all this juicy information and experience. “Every morning as we practice sun salutation, we would witness the actual sun rise up over the volcanos and bathe us in light. It brings you into a deeper communion with nature being on the farm, which is again very in line with yogic philosophy.” With very few interruptions and a lot of lush flora and fauna, the farm is the ideal secluded location for all to go deep. Nature supports the work and body energetically. It creates peace and relaxation of the nervous system which in turn help us to really, deeply feel the wisdom we receive. Whether waking up to chant with the sun or meditating to the calls of owls, students are given a unique and rare opportunity to get lost in nature in order to find a more expanded version of self. 

“The farm also holds an extensive library of books on philosophy, spirituality and yoga. Everyone working here holds a wealth of knowledge, and they are practicing yoga together every morning. There’s no cars here, no roads. It’s quiet.” With the silence and simplicity of the surroundings, experiencing Yoga School Institute’s Yoga Teacher Training on the farm becomes a rich space to seek more information, whether in self study or from enlightening conversations. A part of integration is seeing what you’re learning reflected around you, and this tranquil house of mirrors offers this in abundance. Students may find themselves going from one deep connection to another, learning the whole way. “The farm offers a beautiful and safe container, and this allows everyone to really drop in without distraction.” 

Another amazing piece of the practice is the abundance of spaces in which to do it. With three sacred temples, all carrying a very different energy, students can switch up their experience by exploring their environment and finding new places to go deep. Some even choose a naked practice on the dock overlooking the lake, feeling their whole body move from a space of purity. The Water Temple, Jaguar Hall and Abuela shallas are decorated with an abundance of inspiring art and carry some really delicious frequencies and we all end up finding a favorite (I myself am a naked dock yogi). 

“Life here, the people living here, it’s all operating at a high vibration and that makes it really easy to download everything you’re learning. Everyone is practicing mindfulness, even mindful eating. Its a treat to be surrounded by these people and this lake. To finish your two hour Asana practice and then head to the dock and dive into the water, swim naked in the sun. Cleanse.” 

Enjoy, purify and step into a new way of being.

What more reason do you need to step into your full power as a yoga teacher?

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