Finding More in the Medicine: The Power of Retreating

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Have you sat in ceremony before? If so, you’ve felt the immense strength of the plant world to expand consciousness, heal trauma and change our lives forever. These beautiful spirits lift us into a realm beyond the mind, one where our soul is able to speak and sing it’s truth with profound purity. In this space, our art expands, our creative expression flows and our perspective is forever shifted.

The medicine of the plant world is a powerful gateway into deep transformation. Ceremony is a portal which dissolves the ego and allows us to see what stands between us and our highest expression. It’s a threshold that is not always easy to walk through, and this is why a safe container which supports and nourishes us is absolutely integral to fully integrating and embodying what we learn when we venture deep within ourselves.

This is what sets the Medicine Retreat here at the Mystical Yoga Farm apart for me personally. The container created here offers the space to actually digest everything my soul has communicated to me. It offers the support I need to activate what I have discovered about myself in my reality. It creates the room necessary to release the emotions and old habits that need to be shed so that I may expand. 

This unique combination of multiple powerful ceremonies in one week allows us to go further than ever before, each experience building on itself to create an even more profound connection to our inner peace and purpose. Followed by a carefully curated schedule of integration practices such as yoga, sacred sauna, sound healing and devotional singing, this container is unlike any other when it comes to honoring the importance of self care after ceremony. Releasing trauma, discovering our inner secrets and pioneering into the spirit world are not treated lightly. This sacred work needs immense support before and after, and it is offered here in a way I have not seen before. 

Beyond the ceremony and integration, the facilitation of this deep healing is held with unwavering centeredness by a group of farm family who have earned my deepest trust. We are not alone in this work. In fact, when one of us heals, all of us benefit, and the beautiful souls here who actively participate in group healing as well as stay available to help emotionally truly embody this truth. 

This work we have chosen is work that requires immense trust, so a container which offers this in abundance is one which I will personally return to again and again as I explore my inner world, my soul expansion and my connection to Pacha Mama. Through the container of the farm, I have opened even more to the beautiful mandala of love and life that surrounds and permeates us all. 

In safety, in surrender, I recommend you investigate our next Medicine Retreat. If it calls to you, you can learn more about it-as well as register-here