Light Worker Survival Guide

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Here are some quick reminders for us powerfully sensitive souls to stay grounded as we navigate the world. You’re not alone, and you are loved and supported through it all!

Being a light worker often means feeling incredibly attuned to the energetic and emotional world around you. From sensing the moods and processes of those close to you to connecting with global emotional fields to tapping into higher or lower consciousnesses, the whole experience of opening yourself to your gifts can be overwhelming. But sensitivity is our strongest tool as light workers, and closing ourselves to the depth of our feeling often comes with suffering and stagnation. The key is learning how to stay open and still feel balanced despite the chaos around us.

Primed and protected 

The morning is a powerful time for light workers to prepare and protect themselves for the day ahead. Taking a quiet, sacred moment for yourself to check in with your body and your energy field is a simple way to begin the practice of creating boundaries. Is there anything tense or heavy you’d like to release? Close your eyes and bring awareness to these spaces, lovingly breathing into them with your presence. Give yourself the time you need to relax into your body, connecting all the way down to your toes. 

Now, imagine a line of energy coming down your spine, through your sit bones and into the floor. Let it continue until it digs all the way down into the earth to connect with mother earth’s center. Feel her heart beat, and allow her to wrap around your field with a layer of protective love. It may be green or pink, or whatever color comes to you. Say out loud, “I am protected by love, I receive only love, I give only love.” Feel this sensation of being held in unconditional love. It’s a frequency, and with your words you just connected to it. Nice job!

Do the same with the sky, feeling a line of energy traveling up your spine and out the top of your head. Connect it to the heavens and allow a protective layer of light to fall down around you. It may be white or gold. Imagine this layer of light as an egg, holding you in your field of unconditional love and protecting you with its beautiful shell. Say out loud, “I am protected by light, I receive only light, I give only light.” Imagine this egg is like a filter allowing only what is nourishing and good to enter. Hold this image of the egg for as long as you can and feel the safety it offers you.

There are many ways to protect yourself in the morning through meditation, and this is only one example. You’re a light worker! Once you’ve played with a few different meditations, you can use your intuition to create a protection practice that resonates with you.

Flexible and fluid 

As light workers, we often want to make others feel good. We are here to be of service to Earth and humanity and it can be hard for us to turn down those who are asking for support. At the same time, we need to ensure we are caring for ourselves first. It can be easy to say yes too many times and feel overwhelmed when we discover we’ve left very little energy and time for our own practice, evolution and self care. 

While “no” is a completely appropriate response and quite a powerful one for light workers who struggle with disappointing others, I myself am a big fan of flexible and transparent communication when it comes to supporting my communities. For many of us, holding space and listening to our sisters and brothers can be incredibly nourishing. It feeds our purpose. Rather than setting hard boundaries when it comes to sharing my light, I create space for myself to flow and offer as much clarity as I can when I am unsure about whether I will be able to give to a project or situation.

A few example responses that allow for the greatest flow? 

“I am really excited about this project but am not sure that I have the capacity. Let’s check in closer to the start date and see where we are both at.”

This allows me to honor my natural rhythm rather than overcommitting myself to a future project I may be excited about now but not have the juice for later.

“I would love to be present for you right now but I can’t be. I will come find you once I have space.”

This allows me to show my love and care while setting boundaries around when I have the capacity to fully offer this energy. 

Remember, no one is trying to take your energy or drain you. You simply shine so bright that your community wants to have you involved in as much as possible! By clearly communicating where you’re at and finding ways that can be a sustainable “yes” for your body and energy, you can give yourself the space to give to your full capacity-both to others and yourself. 

Clear and clarified 

Finally, no light worker can truly shine when they are feeling cloudy. If you’ve been weighed down or found yourself caught in habits which dim your energy, it can feel impossible to process outside energies while still holding space for your own experience. As light workers, it is crucial that we take steps to clarify ourselves as often as possible. Even when protecting ourselves and keeping commitments kind and flexible, we are still constantly reading and transmuting energies around us. 

Daily practices for a clear field require commitment. Yoga is one such practice. Tuning into our bodies, strengthening our core and bringing loving energy to our cells through the intentional breathing that yoga requires allows us to feel more expansive and able to hold more space in our day to day experiences. Even just 15 to 30 minutes of stretching and breathing can have an enormous impact on our channels and offer us the power we need to be our brightest selves every day.

On the topic of breath, there are a variety of breath work methods for every type of breather which can be practiced daily. The tool of breath is one which can immediately and powerfully cleanse our field as well as address tension and pain in our bodies. The breath is a powerful medicine, so be sure you’re learning from practitioners you trust and you’re giving yourself space to process and integrate your practice. Up to an hour in the morning for a clarifying breathing practice allows light workers to cleanse and rest in meditation, or in their journal, before taking on the day. 

Finally, ceremony and deep prayer are two of the most integral tools I personally have discovered as a light worker. Connecting to the elements allows light workers to clarify their fields in a big way: fire for transmutation and burning away stagnant energies, water for cleansing and grounding the field, air for bringing spirit directly from the sky into our bodies and earth for keeping us stable and harmonized with the energy of the Mother. Sharing a prayer to these powerful energies within circle, sometimes supported by plant medicine, and asking for their love and guidance is a game changer for those who are seeking powerful activation of their service and abilities. Even praying on your own with no more than a candle can have a huge impact on your experience as a light worker, as we open ourselves to the wisdom of the divinity around us in order to share our light. 

For those of us interested in taking our light working abilities to the next level,  I recommend looking into the concept of “light leadership”. We offer a unique and transformative residency program here at the farm which combines all the tools mentioned above with sound healing, space holding and much more. Lead by professionals in four unique healing fields, and held in a safe container of a loving community, residents can immerse themselves in the educational space required to expand into their highest frequency and become the light leaders they were born to be. 

Head here to learn more about the Light Leader residency and to hone your person Light Working skills.