Why no WiFi?

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There are many reasons why disconnecting from the online world is integral to our wellbeing. Maybe we find ourselves distracted from presence because of our screens, or our mental health is being hindered by comparison on social media. Still other sensitive souls may actually feel the presence of constant digital communication affecting their nervous systems in ways that are subtle yet uncomfortable. In a world where smartphones offer stimulation and escape to over 6.8 billion people, it can be depressing to notice how much attention remains fixed on digital devices while real human interaction takes a dive. 

That’s not to say that we must turn our backs on the world of tech. As I write this article on my iPad, I am blessed enough to live here on the Mystical Yoga Farm-a WiFi free zone. While we use online tools to communicate offerings, retreats and education, the lack of connection means we must actively set aside time in our day for digital connection. This provides a very real balance to life that I have rarely experienced outside of WiFi-free communities. If you’re someone who lives in an urban area, you may have noticed the subconscious drain on your attention when surrounded by digital devices, billboards and streaming services. And, if you’ve had the awareness to notice this constant noise, you may find yourself craving a digital detox.

At the farm, the lack of internet means overstimulated brains are forced to face the experience of being bored. Boredom, in turn, transforms into a desire to reconnect with the natural world and one another. Suddenly, eyes that would normally be turned to a screen are finding other eyes to connect with. Uncomfortable silences blossom into enlightening conversations. Late nights spent scrolling are spent singing, and there is a rare opportunity to find the fun in our everyday experiences rather than be bystanders of others’ fun online. A lack of easy internet access combined with the many daily activities such as yoga, temescal, sound healing and cuddle puddles means we find ourselves in our bodies more often. Our nervous systems have space to relax. Our minds finally churn out the craving for social media stimulants and begin to experience real peace. 

And this peace, this access to the frequency of presence, this is the healing energy which outshines any online course. In our presence, we tap into a state of being which is innately restorative. The daily meditation of life on the farm increases serotonin, melatonin, endorphins, growth hormones and more. A unique experience in that there are very few places in our modern world which lack internet connection, and one which allows our entire being to relax into the authentic experience of life in community. Of course, being surrounded in nature amplifies this state and gives us all a chance to really be with ourselves and listen to ourselves without distraction. 

So what keeps you from a digital detox? Is there space for this experience in your world? How does it make you feel to imagine a week (or more) without your phone? For many, it is a frightening thought. Our minds are quite addicted to the speed and sparkle of the digital world. Yet no matter how connected you are to the online world, there is always space for sacred silence. If it’s something that interests you, we invite you to the farm. 

And if it’s something that scares you, we really, really invite you to the farm. 

Check out our retreat schedule here, or reach out to come for a week or so and unwind from the web. We promise it’ll be out there waiting for you when you leave 😉