The World Needs You

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Please, if you are feeling shy, if you are feeling small, if you are feeling as though you are holding yourself back in fear or shame, read this. It’s important that you know how needed you are. It’s important that you know how important your voice is. How loved you are. How supported. 

Finding your voice is not easy. We have been taught to hide and mask, to say we are fine and to hold our tongues. But these boxes are made to be broken, dear creative being, and each of us must be willing to move past the walls so we can find the freedom we seek. When we are free to express our truth, we create freedom in all we do. When we feel the love and connection to our hearts, everything we touch melts into gold. We can not afford to see you hide. In fact, you already shine so bright that it’s impossible TO hide.

It’s time, dear one, to push the limits. To do the unexpected. To take the leap. Whatever it looks like, book that ticket, climb onto that boat, fly through the sky and find your feet in a place where authentic expression is the sole, soul intention. It’s time to discover touch and intimacy again, and to find that intimacy within yourself. To ask who you are and what you want to bring and have the fire to bring it fully without hesitation. That’s what we’re all about here, not just because it fills us with joy to see you share your medicine, but because your medicine is here to transform the world. And the time is meow.

Step back from the distractions and the voices that doubt you. Step through the portal into nature, into your Mother, and find out what she wants to hear you sing. Dive deep into yourself with any tool necessary: yoga, sound healing, writing, channeling, dancing. Do it for you and do it for all of us. Sit in that circle, take your space before the fire and sing what it is you’ve been holding onto. Take the chance. We don’t go back, only forward. Follow the river to the beauty of your authenticity and truth. 

We’re waiting for you. We believe in you. Each of us has met these sacred doors and walked on through to the other side. Over 200 musicians have wandered to our shore to sing their first songs by this fire. This is more than a retreat space, or a community, or a garden. It is a hatching ground for magic. 

So, do you hear the knocking on that sparkling shell around you? Can you feel your seeds beginning to shake? 

Then by all means, do something wild. 

Take the leap.

It’s time to break open, star seed.

We can’t wait to meet you.

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