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Why do we bring the medicine of cacao into all of our HeartSong events and retreats?

We LOVE Mama Cacao and love inviting her spirit into our sacred fire ceremonies and other HeartSong events and retreats. We hold her heart-opening medicine as sacred and treat her with love and reverence.

We only source our cacao from Finca Nueva Amanecer, where we know that she is grown, harvested, and made by hand into beautiful cacao blocks by a local women’s collective who we love dearly. Ensuring the money goes straight back into the land and the local people.

We are so grateful to this land in Guatemala being the heartland of cacao, producing the best cacao in the world! With the lowest caffeine levels, high theobromine levels, and the most delicious taste of them all! We have had countless people visiting the Farm say that the cacao we offer is the best they’ve ever had.

Cacao in ceremonial grade form is considered a superfood and has even been called “food of the gods”. The Mayan people traditionally would give it as an offering to the fire as part of their sacred fire ceremonies. 

The modern day industry of chocolate and cocoa powder has stripped the cacao of its most potent benefits, which live mostly in the cacao butter, the part that is industrially separated out to leave cocoa powder and then used for beauty products. 

This means that to get the highest benefits of the cacao and to connect more directly to her spirit, it really matters that you get ceremonial grade and that you know where you are sourcing her from. 

But it doesn’t end there. Cacao will also receive the intention you choose when making the cacao and then allow you to more fully receive that intention when you drink it.

We have been holding cacao ceremonies every single week in our sacred fire for years now, so we have developed a strong and pure relationship with the spirit of cacao. We always make the cacao with so much love and we always sing to her with gratitude and celebration.

This makes our cacao ceremonies especially heart-opening and beautiful. The bliss that people feel around the fire during our opening cacao ceremony is something that must be experienced to understand and believe it.

Our cacao fire ceremonies are the heartbeat of our community. And no matter what is happening in the community at the time, whether we’re a small group of volunteers or 100 people at the January HeartSong Gathering, it always brings us together as a family and into our hearts.

Cacao is the main medicina included as a part of our HeartSong Gathering in January, our largest and most epic event of the entire year! An all-acoustic devotional singing festival, no singing experience required, with vocal activations, songwriting workshops, kirtans, song circles, cacao ceremonies, sound healings, and more. All-inclusive with accommodations, all activities, three nourishing vegan meals per day, and la medicina cacao.

If this calls to you, tickets are available, and rooms sold out last year, so we highly recommend reserving soon!

Cacao is also included as an integration medicine for our HeartSong Medicine Retreats, the next one happening in late January. As cacao is a beautiful integration support post-ceremony to bring you out of the mind and into the truths within the heart.

We are soooo grateful to you Mama Cacao! Thank you for your love and your medicina. <3