Meet the Sacred Spirits of the Land

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Here at the Mystical Yoga Farm, we are so grateful to be watched over and protected by the spirits of this sacred land.

The Lady of the Lake is the spirit of the waters. She heals, cleanses, and nourishes us, giving life to all of the plants and beings on this land. Every month on the 11th, we sing to her and pray for the cleansing of the lake and all waters, so that all beings across the world can access clean water to drink.

The spirit of Grandmother Tree holds us with her loving embrace, watching over our land with her unconditionally loving gaze, and telling us clearly when it’s time to make a change. 

And Grandfather Rock is our protector and guardian. He watches over us with an eagle eye, connection to the ancestors, and all-knowing presence. At nighttime, sometimes you can hear him singing to us with a song of singing bowls.

We often will hike up to Grandfather Rock, in ceremony or in an early morning meditation, to commune with the guardian spirit of the land. We make prayers and offerings to express our gratitude to be able to be here on this land. And our Mayan shaman tells us the history and the significance of Grandfather Rock to the Mayan peoples.

We are so blessed to be held by this sacred land and all of its sacred spirits, including the three volcanoes that surround us.

When you come to visit us, you’ll experience a deeper connection to the land, and a quietness that allows you to hear just the sounds of nature.

The lake waves lapping on the shore. The birds singing. The wind blowing through the trees.

Whether for our HeartSong festival, a retreat, as a guest, or as a volunteer, we can’t wait to welcome you home to this sacred land.