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HeartSong Gathering

January 5th – 9th, 2024


All Acoustic Devotional Music Festival

Join Us for Our Favorite Event of The Year!

This is a mini-festival focused on devotional singing, or bhakti yoga. Inspired by Singing Alive and Rainbow Gatherings, this event is all about opening our voices to praise the divine. Opening the heart to the divine light within and sending it out.

There will be special workshops/activities to open our hearts and expand the voice. Yoga w/ live medicine music every day! And every night will be open-share singing around our Sacred Fire, where everyone gets a chance to share their voice!

This gathering is perfect for heart-centered musicians, kirtankaras, medicine people, and aspiring musicians looking to share their songs, learn new ones, and expand their musical offerings!

Join us in our magical, mystical, creatively inspiring, sacred space

We have 3 beautiful yoga temples, a tea temple, om dome (sound portal), an epic fire circle space, temescal (sauna), 2 private docks (nudity friendly), paddle boards, permaculture zone, farm fresh herbs, zero waste, off grid sanctuary!

We are nestled between 3 magical volcanoes away from distracting noises such as dogs barking and car noises. Just the sounds of the forests, our instruments and our powerful voices!!

Come sing your heart alive, and empower your voice.

This Mini-fest is focused on devotional singing. Inspired by Singing Alive, and Rainbow Gatherings, this immersion is open space for creative exploration and expansion through activating our authentic voice!

⭐️Limited space for an intimate Gathering⭐️

This gathering is a beautiful substance-free event where our voices are the medicine! Singing medicine songs are the most fun way to open the heart, to create a special community vibe and to unite us as one tribe.

It’s our favorite thing to do at the MYF and we are SOUL EXCITED to share this festival experience with you!

What's Included?
⭐️cozy, art-filled accommodations 4 nights
⭐️3 delicious, nutricious, farm fresh vegan meals daily
⭐️Daily cacao ceremony
⭐️Daily yoga w/ live medicine music
⭐️4+ workshops per day
⭐️2 private docks with swimming, paddleboards, kayaks
⭐️Unlimited tea and refreshments
⭐️Lifelong friendships & global community!
What Will I Learn From This Experience?
⭐️ Learn tons of new rainbow songs, medicine songs, and mantras
⭐️ New rhythms, melodies, harmonies, and instruments
⭐️ How to channel your own songs and freestyle new ones
⭐️ New vocal activation techniques to increase your vocal range and warm up the throat
⭐️ Confidence to share your Heart Song in ceremony, circle and prayer
⭐️ How to guide song circles back home
⭐️ How to invite cacao as a plant ally in your practice
Who Is This Mini-Fest For?
❣️ Musicians looking to uplevel their capacity to share in circle/ceremony
❣️ Medicine Musicians wanting to learn new songs, and share their own songs
❣️ Aspiring Musicians looking for practical skills/techniques to share their voice
❣️ Kirtan enthusiasts who love chanting holy names and mantras
❣️ Festival goers seeking a more grounded, chill, substance free way to celebrate
❣️ Anyone who loves to sing, or is curious to experience the healing powers of devotional singing
❣️Anyone looking to connect more with open-hearted community while immersed in Nature
❣️ Anyone seeking a fun, playful approach to the spiritual path, and infuse prayer/intention into celebration and play!

All-inclusive, 3 yummy plant-based meals per day, cozy accommodations, unlimited tea, cacao daily, access to private docks w/ paddle boards, all workshops/activities, immersed fully in Nature, epic community, unforgettable experience!


HeartSong Gathering

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