You are invited to a one-of-a-kind experience of healing & spiritual growth.

This magical immersion is perfect for yoga teachers, healers, or people looking to make deep life changes. It will help you add new modalities to your practice and become the leaders the world needs... Or for ANYONE seeking true bliss, deep healing, or spiritual growth!

Our expert instructors will guide you in Yoga, Sound Healing, Medicine Songs (devotional singing), Ceremonies, Creative Expression, and more.

Individually, these practices are powerful... But together, they are life-changing.

You'll get to fully LIVE and experience these practices, while being immersed in Nature surrounded by loving community. You'll receive 24/7 support from our trained facilitators and staff members. You'll get to eat our super delicious, healthy food 3 times a day! You'll get to unplug from the distractions of dasily life, and dive deep into your transformation. You'll get to look eye-to-eye with everyone involved, and truly open up to vulnerable sharing. AND SO MUCH MORE!

Who is this residency for?

~ Yoga teachers looking to diversify their offerings
~ Healers who are ready to level up their healing arts
~ entrepreneurs (or aspiring one) looking to align their business with their purpose and increase positive impact
~Spiritual people looking for like-minded community to grow, practice and learn from
~ Light-workers looking to become leaders!
~ Aspiring musicians, magicians and artists looking for new ways to create!
~ Anyone interested in integrating permaculture and sustainability into their lives/projects.
~ Dreamers desiring to bring their next big vision TO LIFE
~ Visionairies committed to creating a positive impact on this world!
~ Anyone interested in plant medicine, medicinal herbs, tea, cacao and ritual!

What will you learn from this experience?

~How to live authentically and express your truth (and voice) with confidence
~How to get paid doing what you love, fueled by your passions
~How to live a fulfilling life aligned with your purpose
~How to lead a group class/ritual/ceremony/experience
~The art of Holding Space and creating a safe container for magick
~ Practical AND Magical tools to manifest your dreams
~Hands on leadership skills
~How to connect your Mind to your Heart to consciously create
~Tons of new medicine songs, and how to share them in a group
~How to create community anywhere you go!


Program Details:

The Light Leadership Residency is a 4-week deep-dive into 4 spiritual practices.

Check out the full residency schedule below.
Your Residency will be led by 4 main facilitators, and a variety of lovely assistants. All of our facilitators are experts in their fields and practices.
There will be 3 workshops per day, 4 days a week, with 1 Integration Day (or half day.) You will then have 2 free-flow days (days off) with plenty of time to enjoy, relax, create, work online, etc.
Don't worry! Even though you'll be going deep, you will still have the freedom to live your life and be part of our community. See below for a daily schedule.
***Please Note: We have capped attendance to ensure the best experience for our residents. So Sign up TODAY!

If you have questions about your reservation, please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected]***

Our most popular packages for the 4-week residency can be seen below. These special prices include accommodations, 3 epic vegan meals per day, 3 daily workshops, daily yoga, access to all farm resources/instruments/paddleboards, private lake access, and all the benefits of communal living.
Though we are remote, travel to the Mystical Yoga Farm is surprisingly affordable and painless.

Residency Packages:

Dorm Room ~ 4 Weeks (full program) ~ $2,900.00

Private Cabin ~ 4 Weeks (full program) ~ $3,400.00

Dorm Room ~ 1 Week ~ $950.00

Private Cabin ~ 1 Week ~ $1,100.00

residency flyer

Typical Daily Flow:

7am - Meditation/Yoga
(Hatha, Vinyasa, Bhakti, Kundalini, Yin + Sound, Medicine Wheel, and MORE)
9am - Yummy Breakfast
10am - Workshop/Lesson/Activity
(Moon Magick, Manifestation, Elemental Alchemy, Designing Your Vision, Tea Time, and MORE)
12:12 - Chanting in the Om Dome
1pm - Delicious Lunch
3pm - Workshop/Activity
(Cacao Ceremony, Song Circle, Breathwork, Lectures, Ecstatic Dance, etc.)
5pm - Free Flow
6pm - Amazing Dinner
7pm - Evening Ceremony
(Sound Journey, Fire Ceremony, Temescal, Cacao, Manifestation Ceremony, Shamanic Healing, and MORE)
** Schedule may vary based on the flow, and nature of the workshops**
Mon-Thurs will be full days of programming. Fridays will be Integration days, with sharing circles, yoga and lots of free flow. Saturday & Sunday there will still be morning yoga, with the rest of the day free to explore the lake, simply to relax on the farm, and enjoy our paradise.


You can find our full schedule now below!

Please email [email protected] with any questions!

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