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Give your self the gift of Relaxation, Reconnection, Rejuvination and Inspiration
by joining one of our Upcoming Retreats.
Unplug from the ways of modern daily life and dive deep into your practice,
with Nourishing home cooked Vegan meals,
communion with the Earth, the Plant Realm and the Elements,
and Genuine Heart Connections with other like minded Souls.

PSY Retreat ~ Permaculture, SpiritualiTEA, Yoga

January 4th- 9th, 2020

PSY: Permaculture Spiritualitea Yoga is a 6-day intensive that will give you practical tools for building a spiritual life! This transformational journey will offer you a wide variety of spiritual techniques, while living in community, surrounded by Nature, eating farm fresh vegan meals, fully immersing yourself in this New Age lifestyle. Through yoga, you can refine your mind/body. Through Spirituality you can reshape your soul and its connection to the world. Through permaculture, you can redefine your connection to the Earth!  Unlock your magic and empower your true Self!



From $444
(Travel Costs not included)

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Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with School Yoga Institute

January 10 - 16, 2020

Learn to teach yoga to pregnant women, support them through pregnancy and birth, and be a part of raising consciousness in our future generations.

In this Journey, we will flow through the trimesters as well as through the Peruvian Medicine Wheel as we dive into the Divine Feminine and Mother Archetype.  As we move through our own transformations we reveal what it is we are called to share with the future children of the world, inside of the pregnant mother.

Mothers hold the seeds of the next generation of conscious creators inside the heart of their wombs, making it imperative for us to hold space for this transformation. Within this very sacred time of being pregnant a mother is a moving temple and all that she thinks, eats, and does is imprinted on the baby inside of her.  Yoga provides a precious gift of translating that sacredness into everyday life and into the baby within, motherhood and beyond.

Yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, birth workers, nurses, mothers, or anyone wanting to learn more about this sacred time, are all invited to share in this Mystical Mama Journey.

Investment – $1195 all inclusive 85 hour Prenatal YTT


Sounds of Light
Empowerment Residency

February 1st - March 15, 2020

Our Empowerment Residency is a unique 6 week long alchemy of retreat and training that will enable you to facilitate healing and transformational journeys using sacred sound and cacao as medicine. The Residency  is a two-step experiential, learning-by-doing journey of empowerment. Module 1 is a deep 3 week experiential dive into the healing and transformational potential of the medicine of sound and cacao. You will experience and embody different sound practices designed to move energies in yourself to activate, expand and fully align with your soul potential. During this time you will be exposed to many different forms of sound practice, ritual and ceremony – and learn how these practices support healing and access your intuition and creativity. Then you will enter Module 2, a 3 week accelerated learning journey where you will be safely guided into discovering and sharing your own power as a sacred sound channel and facilitator of sacred sound journeys. 

Module 1: Soul Activation - A Sound Healing and Transformational Retreat February 1st - February 22nd 2020

Module 2: Sound Healing and Cacao Facilitator Initiation! February 22nd - March 15th 2020

The Ten Bodies Retreat:
Kundalini Yoga & Transformative Play

April 18th - 24th, 2020

A Journey through your Temple…
A Life Changing Experience, for anyone who is on the path to :
* A Better Life
* Receiving tangible tools to enhance their spiritual practice
* Increase their resilience
* Hone their vision
* Find ease in times of transition
* Deepening their understanding of the processes of Transformation, Transmutation, Spiritual Awakening
We are inviting you to a playful and transformational Kundalini Yoga experience at the Mystical Yoga Farm at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

During this adventure, we will take you on a powerful journey through your Ten Bodies. A specific Kundalini Yoga practice, blending with creative workshops and Rituals, will expand your consciousness to all aspects of yourself. This retreat will provide you a deep Kundalini Yoga experience enriched with all the creative workshops. Remembering space beyond matter, places beyond time and feelings beyond emotions. Sharing a sacred space, in this amazing nature with the Lake vibrations and the conscious organic farm model, is the perfect container to let yourself "Dance with the Flow". Past experience in Kundalini Yoga is not required!

It is open for anyone who feel called to dive deep. The practice of Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology that could bring powerful transformation in your life.

"The most important thing in Kundalini Yoga, is your experience. It goes right to your Heart!" Yogi Bhajan.

Shared Room: $1111 USD
Private Room: $1333 USD
(Travel Costs not included)

ten bodies update
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200 hr YTT with Diamond Heart Yoga

June 24 - July 22, 2020

The Diamond Heart Yoga School Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training introduces you to the multifaceted world of yoga principles and practice. This training is specifically designed to help curious, passionate students strengthen their practice, and to safely teach yoga to others. Teacher trainees will embark on a once-in-a lifetime journey into an ancient practice that requires an exploration of how yoga works on mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes within the body.
You will explore the ancient lineage teachings of Tibetan Heart Yoga of the subtle body practices, including the three major channels (the two side channels & the central channel), the five major winds and their influence on the body.
Compared to many other trainings, the Diamond Heart Yoga School has a large focus on teaching practice, therefore the students start teaching every day after the first few days of training.
You will learn the keys to a yogic lifestyle through the teachings of the Yoga Sutras as well as traditional Tibetan Buddhism, and how to embody and embrace this wisdom to share it with your students.

Scott has been practicing yoga for over 40 years and teaching for 20 years.


Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of Sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our Peaceful Haven provides a safe container for Healing, Growth and Empowerment. We are delighted to offer unique guest experiences, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings  & volunteer opportunities

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