Upcoming Retreats

Give your self the gift of Relaxation, Reconnection, Rejuvenation and Inspiration by joining one of our Upcoming Retreats.

Joining a retreat is the BEST way to dive deep into your transformation, in a held container with a programmed schedule!

Unplug from the ways of modern daily life and dive deep into your practice with nourishing home cooked vegan meals, communion with the Earth, and genuine heart connections with other like minded souls.


Scroll down to see our signature HeartSong offerings led by our main MYF spaceholders, owners, and staff!


Do you desire to go deeper into your spiritual path, but are unsure how?

In the upcoming, Heart of Cacao Immersion and Pilgrimage retreat, happening May 20th to 29th, you are invited to connect more deeply to your soul and your unique spiritual path through a Shamanic Initiation known as the Path of the Jaguar.
In this 9-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to embody the next level of your spiritual or medicine path, with direct communion with the elements, sacred ceremony, plant medicine, Cacao, and indigenous elders. This journey is for you if you are desiring to go on a spiritual adventure that is authentic, real and heart-opening.
This sacred journey will begin in Lake Atitlan at the Mystical Yoga Farm, where you will spend 5 days grounding in this magical and mystical vortex surrounded by Volcanoes, our permaculture farm, earth temples, and of course our amazing community.
You will get to experience a traditional Mayan ceremony and make offerings to the fire, creating a portal for blessings and magic to open. Wake up daily with the sun and practice yoga while pondering your life and sacred mission.
Carla will teach you and initiate you into the Path of the Jaguar and the path of light, so you too can learn how to embody and carry this medicine. The jaguar teaches you how to walk in reverence and sacredness for the earth, her medicines, and her children - our fellow brothers and sisters.
One of the days, you will get to experience a sacred plant medicine journey and learn through direct communion with the spirit of the plants.
You will also get to visit our local Cacao farm and the women’s collective we have sourced our cacao for the past 5 years. You will get to learn how Cacao is made, and together we will hold ceremony on those sacred lands, make offerings and enjoy a local authentic meal.

From there the journey unfolds as we travel to another town in Guatemala known as Chichicastenango. There we will get a chance to shop and eat at the biggest, most colorful artisanal market in all of Guatemala. In this town, we will also visit with Local Mayan elders and spiritual guides for a very special healing ceremony and personal treatment sessions.
Lastly, to complete this incredible journey, we will travel together to the ancient Ruins of Tikal to visit the Mayan Great Temple of the Jaguar, the Señor Cacao or King Cacao. We will stay in this area for a couple of days, visiting sacred sites and also sharing in sacred ceremonies onsite.
The magical adventure and mystery that is going to unfold before our eyes, is beyond words. The path of the Jaguar is here to open your heart to more presence, deep knowing, and self-awareness. The Spirit of the Jaguar is here to awaken you to your sacred mission, true power, and purpose in this life.
If you are in need of healing, the jaguar will bless you with healing. If you are in need of inspiration, the jaguar will bless you with remembrance. If you are in need of courage, the jaguar is here to bless you with strength. Grandmother Jaguar is here to show you the way as you walk the pathless path, of the unknown, and of the mystic, artist, shaman, and sacred warrior.

Will you join this magical adventure?

June 8-28  - -> 200hr Yoga Teacher Training w/ School Yoga Institute

SYI's yoga teacher training curriculum is influenced around Peruvian Shamanism, Ayurveda, Meditation, Anatomy, Alignment, and more. This provides students with a unique and spiritually driven course that goes beyond just a certification!

This is truly a special YTT program unlike any other. It is beautifully woven to give students everything they need to be great yoga teachers, confident spaceholders, and the leaders the world needs. MYF loves hosting these magical trainings with SYI and we truly witness the transformation that occurs everytime!

And get to experience the magick of the Mystical Yoga Farm community, filled with art, focused on sustainability, with heart opened volunteers and staff that welcome you in as family. We are more than a retreat center, we are a family, a community, one tribe!

Dates for YTT also available in April, June, Nov, Dec every year!

Check out our incredible signature offerings led entirely by our owners, staff and main MYF spaceholders. These are the best times to experience the full capacity of magic that happens at MYF and learn from our professional, experienced, fun and joyful leaders!


Join us for our signature HeartSong Offering!

HeartSong Singing Retreat ~

July 10-18, 2023

An all acoustic devotionial Sound & Music Immersion! Led our 3 primary MYF spaceholders, Jahendo, Sunny and Hawk.

This is an extended, more intimate, informative and spacious version of our annual singing festival!

Featuring daily yoga w/ live music, 3+ workshops per day, 5 cacao ceremonies, 5 song circles around our Sacred Fire, vocal activations, daily chanting, multiple sound healing journeys, themed song circles, multiple sacred sauna sessions, kirtan, 3 delicious vegan meals daily and some FUN surprises!

All of our HeartSong offerings are led by our owners, vision keepers and core members, Sunny, Jah & Hawk. Each offering will have special guest facilitators, medicine musicians, and is inclusive to everyone who joins sharing their songs!

Early Bird Tickets Available Now!


HeartSong Medicine Retreat!

A unique opportunity to dive deep with the sacred plant medicine allies!

July 21-29, 2023

Due to the Nature of this sacred work, you must reach out to us personally via email to inquire about more information. Please let us know your interest in this retreat, and share your intentions, as well as any experience working with plants previously.

Our email: [email protected]


Yoga for the Womb ~ August 6-10, 2023

Come and dive into the sacred portal of the womb space through the lens of Traditional
Chinese Medicine and Yoga.
Human health and vitality, according to ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine, were
seen to be influenced by planetary movements, lunar and solar cycles, and the
influential qi from the cosmos. One could not understand the phases and cycles of our
internal rhythms without first deeply contemplating the shifts and changes of the
universe. This course is designed to create a shift towards greater alignment and
attunement with the natural world through understanding how our moon cycle ebbs and
flows with the laws of nature. Students will be introduced to concepts such as “building
yin” after bleeding, “supporting yang” during ovulation and “moving qi and blood” to
ease pre-menses tension. This contextual knowledge will be further understood through
the sequencing and timing of asana practice, daily rituals, food energetics and much
Birthing children is one of the main purposes of this organ, but is also at the seat of our
creativity, our longevity and complete hormonal system.  The womb holds the seeds of
what needs to be birthed through us, both physically and energetically.   This course is
for anyone wanting to learn how to cultivate a strong, connected internal balance with
themselves and their world through the portal of the womb space.

*We will learn about how to assess this health and learn from the traditions of Yoga and
Traditional Chinese Medicine on how to restore the health and vitality of the womb.


HeartSong Gathering ~ January 5-9, 2024 ~ All Acoustic Devotional Music Festival

SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets available now until May 10!

Join Us For Our Favorite Event Of The Year! This is a mini-festival focused on devotional singing, or bhakti yoga. Inspired by Singing Alive and Rainbow Gatherings, this event is all about opening our voices to praise the divine. Opening the heart to the divine light within and sending it out. There will be special workshops/activities to open our hearts and expand the voice. Yoga w/ live medicine music every day! And every night will be open-share singing around our Sacred Fire, where everyone gets a chance to share their voice!

This gathering is perfect for heart-centered musicians, kirtan lovers, medicine people, rainbow family, and aspiring musicians looking to share their songs, learn new ones, and expand their musical offerings!


Join Our signature program, a 3 week leadership training led by our 4 Core Members of MYF

Transforming Lightworkers into Light Leaders

         Join Us For Our Signature Retreat Immersion! 

May 4-25, 2024

3-week experiential training in the Healing Arts, Spaceholding and Community

You are invited to a one-of-a-kind experience of healing & spiritual growth. Our expert instructors will guide you in Yoga, Sound Healing, Medicine/Sacred Songs, Ceremonies, Creative Expression, and more. This magical immersion is perfect for yoga teachers, healers, or people looking to make deep life changes. It will help you add new modalities to your practice and become the leaders the world needs... Or for ANYONE seeking true bliss, deep healing, or spiritual growth!
Shamanic Apprenticeship (1)

Shamanic Spaceholders Apprenticeship

A 5-week in person 1:1 mentorship program with Jahendo at Mystical Yoga Farm! Join our owner and Spiritual Director in this personalized program!

Jahendo is opening his schedule to mentor ONE person to dive deep into their spiritual growth. After 10 years of working with both beginner level and intermediate level seekers, he's now available to work 1:1 with an intermediate level spaceholder to help get them to the next level - a master facilitator!

A master facilitator is someone who can create and hold strong energetic containers for groups in ceremony, has total confidence in their ability to create transformative healing containers, and has deep integrity in their spaceholding.

The dates available for this amazing apprenticeship are:
July 1 - August 5

November 10 - December 15

(flexible dates, depending on your schedule)

Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of Sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our Peaceful Haven provides a safe container for Healing, Growth and Empowerment. We are delighted to offer unique guest experiences, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings  & volunteer opportunities

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