Upcoming Retreats

Give your self the gift of Relaxation, Reconnection, Rejuvenation and Inspiration by joining one of our Upcoming Retreats.

Joining a retreat is the BEST way to dive deep into your transformation, in a held container with a programmed schedule!

Unplug from the ways of modern daily life and dive deep into your practice with nourishing home cooked vegan meals, communion with the Earth, and genuine heart connections with other like minded souls.



Transforming Lightworkers into Light Leaders

         Join Us For Our Signature Retreat Immersion!             July 8 - August 6

4-week experiential training in the Healing Arts, Spaceholding and Community

You are invited to a one-of-a-kind experience of healing & spiritual growth. Our expert instructors will guide you in Yoga, Sound Healing, Medicine/Sacred Songs, Ceremonies, Creative Expression, and more. This magical immersion is perfect for yoga teachers, healers, or people looking to make deep life changes. It will help you add new modalities to your practice and become the leaders the world needs... Or for ANYONE seeking true bliss, deep healing, or spiritual growth!

Writing Your Dreams True ~ Writer's Retreat ~ February 15-18

Is it time to finally write that book? Please get in touch if you feel the call.

Writing Your Dreams True is an intensive four day writers retreat designed for you to dive deep into the heart of your inspiration. Now in its 10th holding, our “Writing Your Dreams True” writers retreat has led to people who have been putting off writing their book (sometimes for decades) to finish and publish it—one participant’s book even made it to Amazon’s bestseller list!

Our goal is to inspire creativity to position your art where you want it to be on your life’s path. Our time together will include a daily yoga practice, a guest speaker, daily lunch served from a local organic farm, writing prompts and excrecises, daily readings, communal workshopping, and time to work on your chosen writing projects, hikes in the woods, and more. Take time, disconnect from the daily grind, and reconnect with the creative and talented writer within.


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Sacred Wombman Retreat

March 16 - 21, 2023 w/ Vivian & Luz

This retreat is an invitation to reclaim your womb, reclaim your innate wisdom, & reclaim your power.Through practicing Womb Wisdom we embody the Divine Feminine and reactivate Self Love.

We were not taught about the sacredness of being a woman. Today we are remembering. We are relearning how to communicate with our bodies. We are relearning how to innerstand the wisdom of the womb. We are healing.

April 1 - 21 - -> 200hr YTT w/ School Yoga Institute

SYI's yoga teacher training curriculum is influenced around Peruvian Shamanism, Ayurveda, Meditation, Anatomy, Alignment, and more. This provides students with a unique and spiritually driven course that goes beyond just a certification!

This is truly a special YTT program unlike any other. It is beautifully woven to give students everything they need to be great yoga teachers, confident spaceholders, and the leaders the world needs. MYF loves hosting these magical trainings with SYI and we truly witness the transformation that occurs everytime!

And get to experience the magick of the Mystical Yoga Farm community, filled with art, focused on sustainability, with heart opened volunteers and staff that welcome you in as family. We are more than a retreat center, we are a family, a community, one tribe!

Dates for YTT also available in April, June, Nov, Dec every year!

April 23-28, 2023
Detox & Discover

A deep wellness retreat to heal & reconnect to your true self

Co-hosted by Drs Jenna Creaser (MD, RYT, Hypnotherapist) and Meghan O’Reilly (ND, RYT)
Come immerse yourself in nature at the beautiful MYF, a permaculture farm and retreat centre on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Activities will include daily yoga & meditation, as well as sound healing, breath work, plant medicine and self inquiry workshops to guide participants through a deep and enjoyable healing journey. We will spend the first half of the retreat detoxing and preparing for a day-long medicine ceremony. The remainder of our time will be for processing and integration, getting you ready to return to life beyond our time together - feeling more connected, balanced and whole. Led by a physician and naturopathic doctor we will draw on knowledge from modern medicine, intuition, ancient practices and the natural world. This is the opportunity for an ultimate rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul! Retreat also includes free time to reflect & recharge, accommodation, and delicious plant-based meals lovingly made on site.
Our intention is to offer a deep and holistic experience - and also to have fun! Together, we'll bridge science & the sacred.... empowering you to live a life of greater wellness. Don't miss this opportunity to commune with like-minded people, and discover a greater sense of well-being, wholeness & purpose.

HeartSong Gathering ~ January 5-9, 2024 ~ All Acoustic Devotional Music Festival

SUPER EARLY BIRD tickets available now!

Join Us For Our Favorite Event Of The Year! This is a mini-festival focused on devotional singing, or bhakti yoga. Inspired by Singing Alive and Rainbow Gatherings, this event is all about opening our voices to praise the divine. Opening the heart to the divine light within and sending it out. There will be special workshops/activities to open our hearts and expand the voice. Yoga w/ live medicine music every day! And every night will be open-share singing around our Sacred Fire, where everyone gets a chance to share their voice!

This gathering is perfect for heart-centered musicians, kirtankaras, medicine people, and aspiring musicians looking to share their songs, learn new ones, and expand their musical offerings!


Shamanic Apprenticeship (1)

Shamanic Spaceholders Apprenticeship

A 5-week in person 1:1 mentorship program with Jahendo at Mystical Yoga Farm! Join our owner and Spiritual Director in this personalized program!

Jahendo is opening his schedule to mentor ONE person to dive deep into their spiritual growth. After 10 years of working with both beginner level and intermediate level seekers, he's now available to work 1:1 with an intermediate level spaceholder to help get them to the next level - a master facilitator!

A master facilitator is someone who can create and hold strong energetic containers for groups in ceremony, has total confidence in their ability to create transformative healing containers, and has deep integrity in their spaceholding.

The dates available for this amazing apprenticeship are:
Jan 3 - Feb 7, 2023
April 4 - May 9, 2023

(flexible dates, depending on your schedule)

Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of Sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our Peaceful Haven provides a safe container for Healing, Growth and Empowerment. We are delighted to offer unique guest experiences, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings  & volunteer opportunities

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