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The Mystical Yoga Farm is a tranquil garden universe that is absolutely perfect for retreats. Its remote location and breathtaking views allow the spirit to relax and expand, and unplug from the ways of daily modern life.

Start your day with the songs of exotic birds, wind chimes and water crashing against the shoreline, honor your body with daily movement, enjoy delicious local vegan meals, connect with mother nature and your own true nature, meet like-minded people from around the world, get inspired, step into the shoes of a 'new you,' and take a little slice of paradise home to share with your community.

Nueva fecha de Retiro Contemplativo

Contemplative Retreat: Family Constellations, Yoga, Meditation, Temazcal

August 29 - September 01, 2019

This is a space offered to work therapeutically affective and relational bonds in which we are deeply involved. Through this retreat we will be able to address issues related to psychological traumas, separation, grief, addictions, physical and psychological illnesses. The Family Constellations model offers a possibility to look in a holistic way at our emotional and physical system, to look for tools that offer a state of well-being and harmony.

In some way, this pause offered in nature allows a self-observation of the mental, physical and relationship patterns with which we bond emotionally in our family, work and society. It is an invitation to dwell in the present and allow the inner world to surface with a sense of connection, love, respect and awareness.

We integrate different tools such as Yoga and Meditation, to calm the mind and states of agitation and worry, to open the door to an awakening of a systemic vision of situations in everyday life.

The Mystical Yoga Farm as the site of our retreat, offers a state of connection to the earth, a philosophy based on agroecology, principles of permaculture, a mystical and sacred space where the body and mind are founded in a transcendent state.

Meditations in the morning when the sun comes out, Temazcal ceremonies, drums, maracas, chants, mantras, looks and hugs can be a portal of integration and healing based on respect for themselves and the community with which we share.

It will be a gift to meet, share and travel together this experience hand in hand with the beauty of the volcanoes Atitlán, Tolimán and San Pedro as a framework of the wonderful Lake Atitlán.

It will be a time of reflection, of stillness and contemplation of the essential state of being.

Pricing: $400 USD
* Lodging and food included
*Travel costs not included

Facilitator: Rudy Gomez - for inquiries, contact trascenderconsciencia@gmail.com
or call (+502) 5922 3885

The Ten Bodies Retreat:
Kundalini Yoga & Transformative Play

January 21st - 27th, 2020

A Journey through your Temple…
A Life Changing Experience, for anyone who is on the path to :
* A Better Life
* Receiving tangible tools to enhance their spiritual practice
* Increase their resilience
* Hone their vision
* Find ease in times of transition
* Deepening their understanding of the processes of Transformation, Transmutation, Spiritual Awakening
We are inviting you to a playful and transformational Kundalini Yoga experience at the Mystical Yoga Farm at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

During this adventure, we will take you on a powerful journey through your Ten Bodies. A specific Kundalini Yoga practice, blending with creative workshops and Rituals, will expand your consciousness to all aspects of yourself. This retreat will provide you a deep Kundalini Yoga experience enriched with all the creative workshops. Remembering space beyond matter, places beyond time and feelings beyond emotions. Sharing a sacred space, in this amazing nature with the Lake vibrations and the conscious organic farm model, is the perfect container to let yourself "Dance with the Flow". Past experience in Kundalini Yoga is not required!

It is open for anyone who feel called to dive deep. The practice of Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology that could bring powerful transformation in your life.

"The most important thing in Kundalini Yoga, is your experience. It goes right to your Heart!" Yogi Bhajan.

Early Bird (until Sept. 30)...
Shared Room: $999 USD
Private Room: $1111 USD
(Travel Costs not included)


PSY ~ Permanism, Shamanism, Yoga

January 4th- 9th, 2020

This is an intensive retreat that will allow you to have the tools needed to unlock your magick and step into the best version of your Self, while feeling fully empowered and activated! You will experience daily yoga, organic food, ceremonies, medicine, intro to permaculture, and so much more. Through the 5-days, you will learn how to altar your consciousness, and how to intentionally create your ideal reality! Retreats allow you to leave the hustle of your normal routine behind and BE ALL IN to full experience the depths of this work.

Typical Daily Schedule:
6am-Morning Meditation
6:30a- Yoga
8am- Healthy Breakfast
9am - Permaculture Discussion/Activity
10am- Shamanic Discussion/Practice
11am- Yoga Discussion/Flow
Noon- Delicious Organic Lunch
1pm - Free Time
3pm - Tea Time with the Sages
4:30pm- Evening Activity (breathing exercises, vizualization, Shamanic Journey, etc..)
6pm- Super-charged Dinner
7pm- Satsang (fire ceremony, healing chant, song circle, angel walk, etc...)

From $444
(Travel Costs not included)


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with School Yoga Institute

January 10 - 16, 2020

Learn to teach yoga to pregnant women, support them through pregnancy and birth, and be a part of raising consciousness in our future generations.

In this Journey, we will flow through the trimesters as well as through the Peruvian Medicine Wheel as we dive into the Divine Feminine and Mother Archetype.  As we move through our own transformations we reveal what it is we are called to share with the future children of the world, inside of the pregnant mother.

Mothers hold the seeds of the next generation of conscious creators inside the heart of their wombs, making it imperative for us to hold space for this transformation. Within this very sacred time of being pregnant a mother is a moving temple and all that she thinks, eats, and does is imprinted on the baby inside of her.  Yoga provides a precious gift of translating that sacredness into everyday life and into the baby within, motherhood and beyond.

Yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, birth workers, nurses, mothers, or anyone wanting to learn more about this sacred time, are all invited to share in this Mystical Mama Journey.

Investment – $1195 all inclusive 85 hour Prenatal YTT

Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

Escape the distractions of daily life and surround yourself with the natural beauty of our mystical sanctuary on the shores of Guatemala's magical Lake Atitlán. Conscientiously built to exist in sustainable harmony with this sacred land, the Mystical Yoga Farm is the perfect place to heal your spirit and reconnect with your true self.

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