Upcoming Retreats

The MYF is home to a variety of retreats, from yoga and spiritual experiences, to courses on permaculture and sustainable farming. If you are interested in booking or have questions about any of the below retreats, please reach out to the retreat coordinators directly via the links below.

Spiritual Alchemist
October 3 - 10, 2018

Hosted by the Mystical Yoga Farm! We invite you to dive deep into your spiritual practice whilst living and learning in a supportive and inspiring community on powerful Mayan lands.
This one week retreat offers a wonderful opportunity to practice the essence of yoga, meditation, communion with nature, movement, sound, and ultimately become an alchemist, transforming anything that no longer serves.
Through immersion in this program, you have the opportunity to learn about yourself and others while studying and co-creating within the farm community. We invite you to learn from the land as you dive deep into developing your personal practice. You will experience the daily events of our retreat center, living a yogic lifestyle in a thriving transformational community.

Pricing: $455 shared room $500 private room

(Travel costs not included.)



Divine Yonity ॐ

October 17 - 29, 2018

Welcome to The Gateway of the Divine Yoni
Join us as we gather to care for and nurture one another. By coming together in divine sisterhood to plant seeds of unity and consciousness, we will activate respect, love, joy and prosperity for all beings. Reconnect with the beauty of the natural world, as well as your sensuality, wisdom and empowerment. A true earth goddess symphony of love& light, hosted by your beloved sisters of servitude, Cécile Besnard & Brianna Moon

Tibetan Heart Yoga ~ Cacao Ceremony ~ Amazing Vegan Food ~ Temazcal~ Full Moon Dance ~ Body DNA Intelligence ~ Self Massage ~ Crystals ~Natural Body Painting ~ Tzolkin ~ Mayan Calendar ~ 13 Moons Synchronometer

13 days to tap into your truth, your integrity, bring up and reinforce conscious unity
13 days to synchronize our mind, body and spirit
13 days to create , rediscover, remember...together
Our common vision of Peace

Pricing: $888 - $999



Tropical Regeneration

November 25-30, 2018

A Tropical Regeneration retreat that joins participants on a journey through the 7 chakras in conjunction with the 7 petals of the permaculture flower, reconnecting us with our seed.
The intention of this retreat is to connect people back to the Earth, cultivating balance through permaculture and other wholistic tools. Our flow will include the seven charkas in relation to the permaculture flower of seven seven petals.
Participants will receive practical tools that they can integrate into their daily lives to continue the practice of regenerating our planet, mind, body, and spirit. Some of the educational activities will include a focus on: permaculture, sound healing, yoga, meditation, fermentation, medicine plants, ceremony, art, nature, connection.

Pricing: Shared Space $1,111 Single $1,211 

(Travel costs not included.)

Community Connection ~ Cosmic Afterglow

January 1 - 5 2019

Hosted by Mystical Yoga Farm!
Welcome in the new year with intention. A sacred time to go inwards, set intentions for 2019 as creators of our own reality. Four nights in our garden paradise, daily practice of yoga & meditation, 3 epic vegan meals each day, unlimited herbal teas & accommodation in shared or private casitas.
Fire Ceremony ~ Sound Healing ~ Tea Ceremony ~ Temazcal ~Ecstatic Dance ~ Cacao ~ Community Connection ~ Love

Pricing: $333

(Travel costs not included.)


Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training with School Yoga Institute

January 6 - 15 2019

Learn to teach yoga to pregnant women, support them through pregnancy and birth, and be a part of raising consciousness in our future generations.

In this 10 day Journey, we will flow through the trimesters as well as through the Peruvian Medicine Wheel as we dive into the Divine Feminine and Mother Archetype.  As we move through our own transformations we reveal what it is we are called to share with the future children of the world, inside of the pregnant mother.

Mothers hold the seeds of the next generation of conscious creators inside the heart of their wombs, making it imperative for us to hold space for this transformation. Within this very sacred time of being pregnant a mother is a moving temple and all that she thinks, eats, and does is imprinted on the baby inside of her.  Yoga provides a precious gift of translating that sacredness into everyday life and into the baby within, motherhood and beyond.

Yoga teachers, doulas, midwives, birth workers, nurses, mothers, or anyone wanting to learn more about this sacred time, are all invited to share in this Mystical Mama Journey.

We will be joined by local midwives as they share their wisdoms of being a Midwife in Guatemala, all called to this way of life by their dreams.  We will also be connected to Midwives in the Western World as they share their own wisdoms of being with pregnant women before, during, and after birth.

Pricing: $1,800

(Travel costs not included.)


Freedom Tour : Yoga + Liberation + Getaway

January 16 - 22, 2019

with Tiya Caniel & Kelley Carboni-Woods
Our collective intention is powerful. We have everything we need to claim liberation, ease and joy.
Tiya & Kelley came together for this sacred time to create the space needed to focus on what freedom and liberation look like in our own lives. By stepping away from our norm and day to day distractions and repsonsibilities, we are embodying the practice of the yoga principle of #Pratyahara (withdrawl of the senses) with the intention of gaining new perspectives, reaffirming our true nature and grounding ourselves in our collective power. We are traveling as a small group with only 10 spots available.
Using the power of yoga, meditation, self study and new adventures we will explore our own limits, build community and tap into ease.

Pricing: $1125

(Travel costs not included.)

DNK Presents : Mystical Retreat

February 1 - 7, 2019

Step onto the sacred lands at the Mystical Yoga Farm on magical Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Come with your mat, open your heart, and prepare to be empowered by Mother Earth. Soak in the refreshing healing waters of the lake that surround 3 ancient   on majestic Mayan grounds.
Be guided by recognized yogi guru Lisa Daugherty, and her husband and life partner Brett Daugherty.
Activities included :
Yoga, kayaking, legendary hikingmagnificent volcanoes, Cacao ceremony, self awakening, reiki, thai massage, kirtan, healing, Temezcal – traditional outdoor fire sauna, connection with nature, digital disconnect, standup paddle boarding, and more.

Pricing:  from $418.50

(Travel costs not included.)


AcroYoga Retreat with Mireille Chamberland and Robert Strukelj
February 9 - 16, 2019

This weeklong retreat will feature instruction in AcroYoga, Yoga, Conditioning, Flexibility Training and Therapeutics. We will use Montreal AcroYoga principles which feature slow and controlled movements combined with breath awareness and proper alignment. This retreat will deepen your personal practice and boost your confidence both as a base and flyer.
Mireille Chamberland was trained as a classical ballet dancer. She later expanded her expertise to circus arts, particularly contortion. Her artistic activities lead her to explore singing, rhythmic gymnastics, improvised theater, choreography and hand to hand acrobatics. In 2013 Mireille became a certified acro yoga instructor.
Robert Strukelj found yoga in 2007. What started as a quest to heal injuries and improve flexibility for martial arts turned into a serious regular practice. This prepared him for what came next. He was introduced to AcroYoga in 2012. It was love at first flight. In 2014, he completed Level 1 and Level 2 AcroYoga Montreal teacher certification. Since then, his passion for technique continues to inspire his teaching as he helps his students gain flexibility, strength, and body awareness.

Pricing: from $1,000 - $1,400

Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

Escape the distractions of daily life and surround yourself with the natural beauty of our mystical sanctuary on the shores of Guatemala's magical Lake Atitlán. Conscientiously built to exist in sustainable harmony with this sacred land, the Mystical Yoga Farm is the perfect place to heal your spirit and reconnect with your true self.

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