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Mother Earth Retreat

March 8-15, 2023

Facilitated by Cecilie Svendsen

A once in a lifetime opportunity to come to the land of the Mayans and experience their stunning land and their sacred rituals. The magical plant medicine of the Cacao, Yoga and meditation, breath therapy and deep deep healing. By the breathtaking Lake Atitlán. Often acclaimed as the world’s most beautiful lake. 

You will experience a deep deep healing with a thoroughly constructed breath therapy session and we will do meditations for the earth, Mamma Gaia, to nourish and restore balance of our planet. We will have one day off, where you can rest or join in on a day trip to the historical Chichicastenango market, known as the most colourful market in Central America. Here different Mayan groups travels far and wide to trade their hand sown textiles, ceramics, traditionel medicines and more. This is a once in a lifetime experience. A retreat of deep healing and soul remembrance.

Honering our ancestial wisdom. Remembering who we truly are.



If you are longing to journey deeper into your soul and get to work with the sacred medicine of the Cacao, this retreat is for you.

In our 7 days together, you will experience 3 cacao ceremonies and one sacred fire ceremony with a local shaman. We will venture into the cacao forest, with a local guide and experience a truly magical connection to the Cacao tree and its powers and the magical highlands of the Mayans. You will learn about their cosmic beliefs and folklore, and how they are still using it in ceremonies for healing and tapping into higher consciousness. Everyday we will do transformational Yoga tapping into our own innate wisdom, opening up the body and the mind, to give space to the Soul. You will experience a deep deep healing.


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