Our Vegan Kitchen

At the Mystical Yoga Farm, we are proud to offer delicious, sustainable, and soul-nourishing vegan cuisine, prepared with love using home-grown and locally sourced goods.

Featuring everything from banana pancakes and fresh fruit smoothies, to house-made lentil burgers, roasted veggies and hand pressed tortillas, the vegan meals prepared by our talented local staff are crafted to leave our guests with happy bellies and happy hearts. We nourish our souls and our bodies while connecting in community with friends new and old around our communal dining table.

We believe that living in harmony with the land and with our fellow creatures is the key to a sustainable and healthy life. For that reason, our kitchen is completely free of animal products (with the exception of locally sourced fair trade honey). Whenever possible, we keep it local and organic, using greens and veggies grown right here on our land while supplementing with locally sourced produce and grains as needed.

Our kitchen is able to cater to most dietary needs, but please be sure to let us know in advance if you or anyone in your group has any restrictions, allergies or intolerances.

Sample Menu

Day 1


Banana pancakes, cacao-chia pudding, sliced pineapple, fried plantains


Lentil stew, grilled green beans, tomato couscous


Vegan pad thai, sauteed vegetable medley, garden fresh cabbage slaw

Day 2


Veggie "sausage" patties, whole grain oatmeal, sliced papaya, granola


Fried chia bars, sauteed paprika cauliflower, sesame rice noodle salad


Mushroom-stuffed zucchini poppers, guacamole & tostadas, vegan refried beans 

Day 3


Fresh fruit smoothies, sourdough toast with homemade peanut butter, sliced watermelon, tomato & basil salad


Vegan chicken soup, garden fresh salad greens, sliced avocados


Carrot, corn & lentil veggie burgers, sauteed squash, fried rice, homemade tomato sauce

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