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Our Sacred Spaces

Our Sacred Spaces are Temples created with intention of holding space for our collective Healing, Practice, Reflection, Celebration and Ceremony.

We warmly welcome you to give yourself the gift to visit the farm and allow your whole being to relax and be held by the trees, mountains, volcanoes and by our vibrant and ever changing community of volunteers. Let the beauty of the land and the lake take your breath away, and experience it all at your own pace and rhythm.


Newly renovated with art and a redesign! A bright and airy multi-purpose space for all to enjoy, the Water Temple is one of the first spaces you’ll be welcomed through upon your arrival to the farm. Practice yoga. Hang in a hammock and watch the waves of the lake gently lap upon the shore. Dance. Sing. Create. Play. Be free.

(The Water Temple offers space for up to ~20 yoga mats at one time)


Stepping into the beauty of this space for the first time can leave one speechless. Practice yoga among the trees with hummingbirds and squirrels, bathe in the rays of the morning sun and feel the light winds of the lake gently caress your skin in this open air yoga studio. Great for ecstatic dance, special ceremonies, and group gatherings.

(Abuela offers space for up to ~25 yoga mats at one time)


An indoor lakeside yoga studio with floor-to-ceiling windows, Jaguar Hall is great for cooler weather, or a hot vinyasa flow. This unique classroom space offers inspiring and peaceful views of the mountains, lake, and fisherman rowing by in their canoes. Be sure to try hanging upside down on the aerial silks to see life from a different perspective.

(Jaguar offers space for up to ~15 yoga mats at one time)


A sacred space of serenity tucked away in the heart of the farm and nestled amongst the banana trees and hummingbirds, the Tea House is a tranquil place built for sipping tea, reading poetry, connecting with friends, and enjoying the beauty of simply being. Wonderful for tea ceremonies, meditation, and small group meetings


With the spirit of the fire and the beat of the drum we gather to sing, to praise, to remember, to dance, to release. Here we call in the directions and celebrate this life and the ones who came before us. Perfect for group meetings and classes during the day, and satsangs and reflection circles at night.


Our traditional Mayan Sauna with hot steaming rocks and a roaring fire.

The temazcal is a sacred place of deep healing, purifying release, and divine connection. The heat and wisdom of the fire help to open our hearts and spirits as we commune with the elements and our innermost selves.


Step out of this world and into our magical sound portal. Built by hand from cob and crete, the Om dOme was intentionally crafted into the perfect geometric shape for amplification of sound waves and love. From crystal singing bowls to chimes and drums, the Om dOMe is our sacred space for guided meditation, sound healing and shamanic drum journeying.


A communal hub of love, laughter and connection, where we gather three times a day to share meals and stories. We all eat together and bless the food with intentional songs, giving thanks and enjoying the company of our brothers and sisters.

Outside of mealtime, the space is wonderful for group meetings, classes and workshops.


Sit in stillness and watch the clouds go by, dragons and serpents weaving their way through the mountains in the sky.

Dip your body in her cool waters. Feel the stillness of the calm morning lake on a paddleboard or a kayak and experience the magnificence of her presence.

The Perfect Place for an Unforgettable Retreat

We would be honored to host your retreat! With a myriad of wonderful amenities to offer, we think you’ll find the Mystical Yoga Farm to be a truly magical and unforgettable venue for your group.
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