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Welcome to the HeartSong Mastery Course

Let Your Voice Be Magic. Let Your Music Be Medicine.

Become an inspiring medicine musician and sacred song carrier, learn the foundations of holding space with sound and music, and step into your heart-led musical leadership in this transformational online program.

Become A Powerful Song Carrier & Space Holder With Music

Hey magical medicine musicians, Jahendo here.

If you’re here, then you’ve probably felt the call to deepen your musical gifts and become a potent perform and song carrier. 

Perhaps you’re already on your path as a medicine musician, and you’re seeking technical and creative skills to rise into a new level of performance mastery and guide and inspire others in group containers with your music. 

Or you’re an aspiring musician…you’ve awoken your unique HeartSong and you’re ready to start learning sacred songs and sharing with your community. 

Either way, you have a heartfelt vision to heal and uplift others using the power of music and your voice. This course was made (with so much love) for you.

In my 10+ years on my musical and ceremonial path, I’ve dealt with a lot of challenges and frustrations as I sought to grow as a performer and space holder.

 hQuestions I asked myself included…

How do I hold effective sonic space with my music?

How can I learn the guitar skills and rhythm patterns to play these different songs?

How do I get past my own insecurities around playing in front of others?

How do I feel the collective energy and know how to guide it in the right direction?

How do I select the right song for the right occasion?

Where can I learn the songs that I know are going to really align with my own skills and the healing of others?

When do I play a drum song instead?

Over the years thankfully I learned all this wisdom in bits and pieces from lots of different musicians, mentors, shamans, online materials, and other sources – I spent 1000s of dollars and traveled around the world, befriending amazing musicians and often struggling to get them to teach me.

In the past 5 years I’ve learned so much through holding space for now dozens of plant medicine ceremonies and hundreds of song circles at the Mystical Yoga Farm. 

Recently I thought to myself…what if I could go back and teach my younger self all that I know now? I know I would have saved years of frustrations and slow progress and some super embarrassing situations. 

That’s why we created the HeartSong course – to help transmit all this knowledge and experience to you in a way that’s approachable, fun and instantly applicable plus save yourself thousands of dollars and a lot of airfare and starts and stops on your musical journey.


An Effective & Heart-Centered Path to Becoming a Better Medicine Musician & Spaceholder

The HeartSong Course is the magical musical baby of my 10+ years of technical skills, creative practices and spaceholding wisdom. 

You’ll learn new guitar patterns, vocal activations, lots of new songs (rainbow, mantras & kirtan, medicine music, songs from the jungle), how to cultivate greater confidence, holding space and guiding collective energies, leading song circles, rhythms, song selection and much much more!

Plus you’ll get to learn with a musical community sharing and growing together!

The approach here is sharing with you ONLY the things you need to learn, and none of the things you don’t. It’s laser focused on improving your skills, confidence and presence as a song carrier and contribution in collective musical and ceremonial spaces. That’s it.

Whether you’re just picking up the guitar, or already well developed on your path, this course has tons of value to beginner-intermediate and even advanced levels!

My deepest desire is to empower you and thousands of other medicine musicians to rise into your highest expression, share your medicine with the world, and spread this vibration of love and healing out farther into the world. 


In this course you’ll master and embody the six main “strings” or codes to amplify your musicianship, confidence and spaceholding magic.

Master New Songs

Learn a variety of sacred songs from different musical traditions. You’ll have a holistic collection of powerful songs to confidently bring forth for any occasion, from the softest post-ceremony lullaby, the biggest crowd pleasing “medicine banger,” to the most haux jungle song.

Vocal Empowerment

Understand and expand your vocal range, get comfortable with various tones and textures of your voice, find the perfect capo for different songs, and awaken the confidence in your voice as a healing instrument. Open your heart as well, with techniques for both performance and mediative practice.

Guitar Skills

Practice a curated collection of guitar rhythm and strumming patterns that are exactly matched to songs you’ll be learning, learn the “chuck,” and other enhancements, weave different strengths and types of playing together for building songs, and learn to truly fall in love with your instrument.

Awaken Your Heartfelt Confidence

Confidence is your golden ticket to engaging others with your music. Receive stories and tips on how to courageously and authentically express yourself fully and become a HeartSong Rockstar.

Hold Sacred & Empowering Space

Learn to guide the vibe and flow of collective energy with your music, how to weave prayer into your performance, and hold the container gently yet powerfully with your songs.

Cultivate Consistant Practice

Consistency is the key to improving your skills. Through the intentional structure and homeplay of this course, our online community and monthly live sessions, you’ll gain even more commitment to do the daily practice of becoming better.

And beyond everything listed above, the essence of this course is to connect with your unique vibration and the magical codes within these songs.


What You'll Learn & Embody through this Course

The HeartSong Course unfolds through eight modules, each with a unique theme, in a way that helps you develop your skills and confidence with each lesson.

You can choose to go through this journey from beginning to end, or let your heart guide you into whichever lessons or songs are most exciting for you.

Module 1: Falling In Love With Your Instrument

Explore your sacred connection to your musical instrument, learn the basics of percussion and rhythm, master the first three guitar strumming & fingerpicking patterns + 3 new songs.

All Module 1 Lessons:

  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Philosophy of Ryhthm
  • Percussion Rhythms 1
  • How to Share Drumming & Rattle Songs
  • Song (Percussion): Earth My Body
  • Guitar Finger & Holding Positions
  • Strumming Pattern #1
  • Song: We Are Circling
  • Strumming Pattern #2
  • Song: Mother I Feel You
  • Fingerpicking Pattern #1
  • Song: Sirenita Bobinsana


Module 2: Your Voice As a Healing Vessel

Deepen the devotional vibration of your voice, unlock your voice through vocal activations, explore your range and play with melodies and octaves.

All Module 2 Lessons:

  • Module 2 Introduction
  • Understanding the Voice as a Tool for Healing 
  • Vocal Activation #1: Chanting & Toning
  • Vocal Activation #2: Chakra Toning
  • Exploring Your Vocal Range
  • Melodies & Mantras
  • Finding the Right Capo
  • Playing with Octaves
  • Matching Tones to Chords 

Module 3: Embodying Your Inner HeartSong Rockstar

Learn guitar techniques to ROCK your medicine music, including the chuck and hammer, plus new guitar patterns and two new songs.

All Module 3 Lessons:

  • Module 3 Introduction
  • Hammering Chords
  • Learning the Chuck
  • Strumming Pattern #3
  • Song: Wake Up the Heart
  • Strumming Pattern #4
  • Song: I Love My Body
  • Fingerpicking Pattern #2
  • Song: We Are Water

Module 4: Holding Space with Music & Advanced Chord Progressions

Understand how to hold space with your music in a powerful way, including song selection, rhythm patterns, shifting tempos, and opening and closing your ceremonial spaces. Master advanced strumming patterns and three new songs.

All Module 4 Lessons:

  • Module 4 Introduction
  • Holding Space with Songs 1: Song Selection & Rhythm Patterns
  • Holding Space with Songs 2: Tempo & Octave
  • Holding Space with Sound
  • Advanced Strumming Pattern #1
  • Song: We are Opening Up
  • Advanced Strumming Pattern #2
  • Song: Take It All
  • Opening & Closing a Sacred Space or Ceremony
  • Advanced Fingerpicking Pattern #1
  • Song: I Am Medicine

Module 5: Songs of the Heart

Embody the spirit, songs and performance of rainbow and heart songs. Explore how to perform “Rainbow Bangez,’ make a song your own, mashing up songs, and setting the space with your song openings + learn 3 new Rainbow songs.

All Module 5 Lessons:

  • Module 5 Introduction
  • Rainbow Bangerz
  • Making a Song Your Own
  • Mashups: Mixing Songs Together
  • Opening Songs with a Prayer
  • Rainbow Song 1: Find My Joy
  • Rainbow Song 2: Pachamama
  • Rainbow Song 3: I Am a Rainbow

Module 6: Musical Medicine

Learn the spirit,  songs and performance of medicine music. Explore the nuances of sonic spaceholding, including building the energy in songs, ways to end a song, allowing the silence between, the infusing your unique medicine and magic into the performance + 3 new songs.

All Module 6 Lessons:

  • Module 6 Introducton
  • Building the Energy
  • Medicine Song 1: Spiral
  • Different Languages
  • Medicine Song 2: Cura Corazones
  • Medicine Song 3: Allyu Masikunapa
  • Ending a Song
  • The Silence in Between
  • Infusing Your Medicine & Magic
  • Proper Song Ettiquette

Module 7: Magical Mantras & Kirtan

Learn the spirit, songs and performance tips for mantras and Kirtan. Explore the unique vibrations of different deities, the power of mantra, advanced tips on engaging your song circle, and how to freestyle your mantra songs.

Key Lessons:

  • Module 7 Introduction
  • Exploring Different Deities 
  • Mantra Meditation: Ganesha
  • Engaging the Circle Through Eye Contact
  • Song 1: Ganesha 
  • Song 2: Alek Bom
  • Advanced Fingerpicking Pattern #2
  • Song 3: jay Ambe Ma
  • Messing Up & Jumping Back on the Current
  • Freestyling Mantras

Module 8: Journey to the Jungle

Learn the spirit, songs and performance tips for the music from the Amazonian tribes. Connect to the spirt of these tribes, how to “raise the haux” through vocal exaggerations, special strumming patterns from the Yawanawa and Huin Kuin, and 3 jungle songs (with exact pronunciations). 

All Module 8 Lessons:

  • Module 8 Introduction
  • Exploring the Yawanawa and Huni Kuin Tribes
  • Playing with a Pick
  • Yawanawa Strumming Pattern
  • Huni Kuin Strumming Pattern
  • Raising the Haux Through Vocal Exaggerations
  • Yawanawa Song: Te Nande
  • Huni Kuin Song: Tetepawa
  • Huni Kuin Song: Venho lá da Floresta

Bonus Content (New Content Every Month)

The HeartSong Mastery Program will add fresh and relevant content every month from Jah and other experienced medicine musicians, based on your specific needs and desires on your path. 

At launch the program includes the following bonus content…

  • How to Write Your Own Medicine Music 
  • Red Road Download
  • Red Road Peyote Set
  • Red Road Drum Song



Here’s some of the features that will help you thrive in this course.

50+ Video Lessons in Custom Learning Platform

The HeartSong Mastery Course is accessible via our fully-integrated learning portal through our Mystical Yoga Academy website. Here you’ll find all course lessons, supplementary materials and bonus content.

The course is segmented into easy-to-follow 5-15 min videos, and they’re all easily accessible from all your devices.

Supportive & Empowering WhatsApp Group

When you purchase the course, you also join our exclusive HeartSong Mastery WhatsApp group. This is where you can share progress and challenges, connect with other musicians and song carriers around the world, and ask questions and receive feedback on your songs and musical offerings.

Jah is active in the group and answers questions, gives feedback and offers ongoing help to the HeartSong community.

Monthly Live HeartSong Song Circle & Mastermind (via Zoom)

With the course you get access to our monthly HeartSong calls, where we gather as a community to share songs, support & empower each other’s musical journeys, and have a live Q&A session with Jah.

This is an opportunity to stay connected to fellow HeartSong warriors around the world and foster deeper commitment to your own growth. 

Bonus Trainings & Exclusive Content

The HeartSong Mastery Course will continually grow with fresh new educational videos & songs. This content is based on your unique needs and desires on your musical journey as voiced in the WhatsApp group and monthly calls.

There’s at least one new piece of bonus content added each month.



Jahendo is the owner of the Mystical Yoga Farm and hosts ceremonies there regularly. He has been working at MYF since 2015, learning and sharing his skills.

He is a professional medicine music and carries many heart songs, medicine songs, indigenous songs from the jungle, and icaros. He loves choosing songs based on the way that they move energy and the healing force they carry.

He has been serving changa for over 8 years, and serving huachuma for just over 5 years. He continues to deepen his work and do his own healing by sitting with shamans and medicine carriers all over the world, and does a yearly pilgrimage in Peru and now also Brazil to study with the tribes


He’s worked deeply with a number of traditions including Shipibo, Huni Kuin, Marakame (Huichol), Quechua, and many more. He incorporates a lot of these healing modalities into a well-rounded service to the divine. He has assisted in many Ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as Huachuma, Peyote and others, and believes it is a divine service to work with these medicines and work with their original carriers.

He is a 500hr E-RYT yoga teacher and has studied and helped in over 10 shamanic yoga teacher trainings. He loves infusing yoga philosophy into the ceremonial works. 

His biggest passion is bringing joy and lightness, as well as focus and sacredness into his offerings. He provides a very safe, held and loving healing space for transformation!


Technical & Creative Skills

  • Tons of new songs
  • 6+ new strumming patterns
  • 4+ new finger-picking patterns
  • Matching your tone with the chord, and different sub tones to accent each chord 
  • 2 different octaves to sing the same song in, in the same melody and chord progression
  • New vocal activations – voice openings exercises, warming up voice, exploring your range
  • New fun chord progressions 
  • Carrying the rhythm and match a melody to the rhythm 
  • Channeling your own medicine songs and create the music of your soul 
  • Overcoming creative blocks with consistent commitment
  • Building a solid foundation for your own practice and be accountale to your learning



Spaceholding & Guidance

  • Choosing perfect song for the occasion
  • Consciously moving the energy with your song
  • Holding space with the music and be consciously aware of impact it’s having on a space
  • Sharing drum songs and the know difference between energies of drum songs and guitar songs. 
  • Making song interactive and engaging (intros, outros, etc) 
  • Basic principles of sound healing
  • Lifting the vibration, get people excited and rock the crowd with you heartsong medicine banger!
  • Proper song etiquette – how to be in good relations with the origins and traditions of the songs
  • Making each song your own – Sharing YOUR unique medicine
  • Having the confidence to share a song in any circle or ceremony!



For your journey into the highest expression of your unique musical medicine...

Dear HeartSong Medicine Musician,

May your creative path blossom in beautiful ways, and may your sweet voice touch the hearts of all who hear it. May your medicine spread far and wide and be received by all. May your healing vibration resonate in the soul’s of your community and inspire those around you!

May you experience deep love from within and from Nature and Spirit. May your connection to Source light always be pure. May you always remember that you are never alone. May your skills as a musician constantly blossom and shine. May your spaceholding create safety, healing and trust in everyone you sit with.

May your musical path be blessed with abundant opportunities to lead song circles, sing in ceremonies, assist in plant medicine journeys, get paid sharing your passions… and most of all, may it be fun, joyful and orgasmic to yourself. May playing music and singing songs be a practice of Self Love, always.

Whether you choose to say Heavens Yes to this course or not, i honor you and i uplift your musical journey and genuinely wish you the absolute BEST in sharing your unique, healing and inspiring gifts with the world around you!

Thank you soul much for taking the time to look into this page and my work. And i truly hope to sing with you one day at Mystical Yoga Farm, Guatemala at one of our many HeartSong singing offerings!

Thank you for choosing to incarnate at this time of great awakening on this planet. You are a pillar of light illuminating the darkness, and you are medicine, thank you thank you thank you.

And remember, When You Let Go of Fear, the Truth will appear, so simple and clear!

Emboy Your Musical Genius & Empower Others with Your Music

Let Your Voice Be Magic. Let Your Music Be Medicine.

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