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HeartSong Offerings

✨ Calling All Music Lovers! ✨

Open your channel, be wild, be authentic, express yourself fully and shine your light
✨Step into your power as a medicine musician, and heart warrior! ✨ Open your heart and expand your voice! ✨ Learn to hold sacred space through your music! 

More Info About HeartSong

Singing medicine songs are the most fun way to open the heart, to create a special community vibe and to unite us as one tribe. It’s our favorite thing to do at the MYF and we are SOUL EXCITED to share this festival experience with you!

We are nestled between 3 magical volcanoes away from distracting noises such as dogs barking and car noises. Just the sounds of the forests, our instruments and our powerful voices!!

All of our HeartSong offerings are led by our owners, vision keepers and core members, Sunny, Jah & Hawk. Each offering will have special guest facilitators, medicine musicians, and is inclusive to everyone who joins sharing their songs!

Upcoming HeartSong Events

Light Leaders Training

Ceremonial Spaceholder’s Initiation
May 12 – 26, 2024

Join us for our signature training that is made to transform light-workers into light-leaders. Giving you Magical AND Practical tools to uplevel your facilitation skills and create the life of your dreams. This 2 week super deep-dive will be focused on medicine songs, sound alchemy and the healing arts. There will be a unique blend of rituals, ceremonies, yoga classes, practices and workshops designed to give you a diverse range of amazing techniques to add to your ceremonial toolbox.

This offering will be a perfect balance of the facilitators offering fully experiential activities, teaching how to lead them and use sound/song and other spaceholding techniques, AND giving space for participants to also lead workshops/ceremonies and receive direct feedback from our well-trained professional facilitators and MYF staff/volunteers. For more info click the link below!

The World needs more leaders sharing their medicine and gifts. The time is now for you to embody the leader you were born to be! We look forward to welcoming you!

HeartSong Gathering (Singing Festival)
January 5-9, 2025

This is our signature event and annual singing festival. 4 nights and 5 days of acoustic song circles, cacao ceremonies, saunas, chanting/toning workshops, songwriting/freestyling, rhythm, themed song circles, delicious food, daily yoga, nightly fireside jam, acoustic ecstatic dance, amazing community and more. This is like a fusion between a music festival and a healing retreat. Be nourished, get good rest, enjoy our intimate (100ppl max) container and make lifelong friendships!

The flyer is from last year, but the link will guide you to next years festival with all the info, as well as booking options at Super Early Bird prices!

HeartSong Plant Medicine Retreat
January 23-31, 2024

Join us for our signature plant medicine offering, with a focus on healing, empowerment, inspiration, medicine music, prayer, and joy. We utilize the sacred healing plants to catalyze our healing journey, bring profound insights and clarity, open the heart, connect to Nature, and to liberate our voice. Plant Medicine is a beautiful tool that can create profound, rapid healing and transformation. Inside this retreat container, we go above and beyond just a weekend ceremony, with plenty of time to relax, lots of integration time and activities. Our loving, experienced, professionally trained spaceholding staff to support you every step of the way, inside and outside of ceremony.

More info about the specific medicine plants we work with, who the facilitators are and their experience, price, whats included, flow of each ceremony and more, click the button below to learn more!

HeartSong Singing Retreat
Dates TBD

This is an extended version of our singing festival, with a strong emphasis on workshops and teaching, still with our typical HeartSong vibe where everyone can share their songs around the fire! This is for musicians and aspiring musicians at any experience level looking to learn new songs, find new rhythms, learn new techniques, write their own music, activate their voice more, learn to hold space, all while enjoying the peaceful nature and community at MYF!!

HeartSong Slumber Partea
Oct 28, Nov 21, December 26, Jan 8, Jan 21, Feb 14

This is our monthly signature event, where we welcome our wider lake community to come celebrate with cacao ceremony song circle, yoga w live music, sacred sauna, om dome sound jam, tea party, delicious food and more. 1 night event that’s super affordable and all inclusive. Co-created by all who join, everyone welome and encouraged to share songs!

❤️‍HeartSong is a sister project to MYF, founded by our new owners, Jahendo and Sunny. The intention is to spread the joy and sacredness of devotional singing.

❤️‍All of our events are all-acoustic with no electronic music, focused on medicine songs, rainbow songs, kirtan mantras and heart songs.

❤️‍All HeartSong offerings are inclusive to any level of experience and are co-created by all who join. A big intention is to reconnect people to a more ancient way of celebration, singing around our sacred fire.

❤️‍We aim to inspire the creative life force in all beings and to show people that it’s not about how it “sounds” or looks” but the FEELING that comes from singing. Singing to the divine is the most fun way to open the heart, open the voice, and a beautiful fun way to pray!

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