Getting Here

See below for some helpful tips on getting to the Mystical Yoga Farm, including info on shuttles to Lake Atitlán and boat rides around the lake once you're there.

Main Directions

From the Airport (GUA) to the Farm (Direct Shuttle)

If you would like direct shuttle service to the Farm, consider Santiago Shuttle.

They offer reliable and safe shuttles from the Guatemalan Airport directly to Santiago, about a 3.5 hour trip. From there you'll travel by boat directly to our Farm (5-10 minute ride).

From Airport

From the airport, you can go directly to Pana and take a boat to the Farm, or you can spend the night in Antigua and travel to Pana the next day.

From Airport to Panajachel (Pana)  [3.5 Hour Drive]

If your flight arrives before 1:00pm, you have a good chance of making it to the Farm in one day. You can book a direct shuttle from the airport to Pana. It is about a 3.5 hour drive.

From Airport to Antigua  [1 Hour Drive]

Setting up a transfer from the airport to Antigua is easy. You can email your hotel to set it up, or you can email a shuttle company directly.

From Antigua to Panajachel (Pana)  [~2.5 Hour Drive]

You can schedule shuttles at any tour agency, and in most cases at the hotel/hostel you are staying at. From Antigua to Pana there is a shuttle at 8:00 am, 12:30 pm, and 4:00 pm. It is about a 3.5 hour shuttle ride. The price is typically $10 (80Q). Once in Pana, you can take a public boat to Santiago (25q per person), and then a private lancha from Santiago to the farm (50q for up to 4 people - some drivers may try to overcharge you but this is the going price!).



Boat Rides

Boat Ride from Pana to Santiago  45 Minutes

From the boat dock, take a public boat to Santiago. All you need to do is say to someone ‘a Santiago’ and they will lead you in the right direction. If you'd like a private boat, it can take you directly to the farm.

Public Boats Cost - Q25 ($3)/person (runs every half hour)

Private Boat Cost - Q200-Q250 (Last boat usually leaves at 6:00pm)

Boat Ride from Santiago to Mystical Yoga Farm  5 to 10 minutes

Once you get to the docks at Santiago, ask around (you can always ask your public boat driver for help) for a private boat to take you to the Finca de Yoga.  It's a short ride and shouldn't cost more than Q50.

You'll know you've made it to the farm when you see our dock (with a white sailboat at the end of it) and our thatched roof gazebo-style yoga shala.

Other Public Boat Rides

San Pedro to Santiago - Q25

San Marcos to Santiago - Q35 (Q10 to get to San Pedro, where you'll likely have to switch boats to get to Santiago, Q25)


Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

Escape the distractions of daily life and surround yourself with the natural beauty of our mystical sanctuary on the shores of Guatemala's magical Lake Atitlán. Conscientiously built to exist in sustainable harmony with this sacred land, the Mystical Yoga Farm is the perfect place to heal your spirit and reconnect with your true self.

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