Private Cabins

Each uniquely decorated and painted with its own style and personality, our individual bungalows provide quiet solitude perfect for solo travelers and (in our double rooms) voyaging couples, or friends who don't mind sharing a bed. Each cabin is special, with a mix of breathtaking views, and surrounded by gardens.

Please inquire here for private cabin availability. 

Private Rooms

Tucked under one of our Yoga Temples, Abuela. Painted by a fairy who brought life and excitment to each room. Sage, the witchy room. Bliss, nessled in a green grove with dancing sunflowers. Mystic, flying high in the clouds. Budita, have a loving Jaguar as your roomate. Single beds or full beds avalibile. The private rooms allow for you to have your own space and still live closely and connect with your neighbors.
Updating website, more photos to come soon ☺️

Please inquire here for private room availability. 

Shared Dorm Spaces

Community living is a key part of life here at the Farm. Our shared dorm spaces are comfortable and great for small groups or solo travellers who wish to connect. Please inquire here for shared space availability. 

Showers & Bathrooms

Water is sacred! And so is the majestic lake upon which the farm is built. In order to stay true to our commitment to sustainable living, the farm features a number of beautifuly built (and decorated!) natural organic compost toilets. By using compost toilets, we save thousands of gallons of water each year, and are able to re-purpouse our nutrient rich waste by using it as super-charged fertilizer for the plants around the farm.

If you've never used a compost toilet before, don't worry - we'll be sure to give you the full run down when you get here (it's easy!). Before you know it, you'll never want to go back to flushing toilets!

For showering, we have two solar-powered hot water bath houses, each equipped with two private shower stalls. Unless it's an unusually cloudy day, it's rare that we run out of hot water. That said, water is sacred! We ask all of our guests to take short showers, and request that you bring only natural, organic, bio-degradable soap/shampoo/conditioner to use in the shower.

Our gray water system filters back into the earth and the runoff eventually makes its way back to the lake. Non-organic/non-biodegradable soaps contain chemicals that are harmful to the lake, as well as the plants and animals that live in and around it. With your help, we can continue to protect and live in harmony with this beautiful lake!

Connect With Us

We're very excited to connect with you! 

While the village of Santiago is just a few minutes away by boat, our beautiful and sacred land is off-the-grid. In order to preserve its natural harmony and spiritual energy (and to encourage our guests to disconnect from the digital world during their stay), we have purposely chosen not to bring wi-fi to the farm.

If you do need internet for your work, then it is very easy to get a local SIM card with very cheap 4GLTE options available to suit your online needs!

For that reason, we kindly ask for your patience and understanding in replying to your message. Here at the farm we do our best to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible, and always endeavor to answer within 48 hours (Monday through Saturday).

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Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of Sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our Peaceful Haven provides a safe container for Healing, Growth and Empowerment. We are delighted to offer unique guest experiences, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings  & volunteer opportunities

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