Mystical Cacao Source

The Mystical Yoga Farm is selling blocks of cacao from a single origin. We support an indigenous women's collective about 2 hrs from our blessed farm.

Cacao is a sacred, beautiful, and accessible medicine that can have powerful effects on the heart, mind, body and spirit. We are blessed to share this cacao with you! Thanks for supporting us! 20% of all profits go directly towards supporting our local indigenous community with clean water projects!

We want to empower each person buying cacao from us to create sacred space for ritual, magick, and ceremony! 

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Cacao, or Cacaocito, is a beautiful heart-opening medicine that can be used in a variety of ways. 

It has a variety of amazing health and spiritual benefits. Guatemalan cacao has 0-.5% caffeine, whereas other varieties have different percentages. The main stimulating alkaloid, called Theobromine (directly translated to Food of the Gods) is a stimulant that has no crash and a very smooth come-up. It is also a vaso-dialoator, which means that it increases the size of the veins, making more blood (and prana) flow through the system. It also increases heart rate, which is why it’s such a wonderful heart opener. In addition to Theobromine, cacao has Anandamine (the bliss molecule) which can cause for heightened emotional states of ecstacy, bliss, or deeper processes. Cacao also has loads of vitamins, and minerals, such as iron, magnesium and more. It’s healthy for the body and spirit. 

Cacao can be used for opening the voice, singing/kirtan/song circles, dancing, emotional processing, romantic dates, creative flow, art, musical creation, shamanic journeying, trauma release, and just about anything. A ceremonial dose is 42 grams, and is only recommended in an intention and/or prayerful way. Lower dosage is recommended for other settings. 

Our favorite ingredients to add include any mix of these: Organic sweetener, cinnamon, cardamom, chile picante (cayenne). Other great additions include:Salt,  Maca, nutmilk, tahini, nut butter, lion’s mane, mucuna puriens, nutmeg, maple syrup.

We ship bulk ceremonial cacao from a beautiful women’s collective in Guatemala, worldwide. Email us to order 20-150 pounds in any country to become a distributor!


Cacao Prayer/Invocation:

We call in and give thanks for the sweet spirit of cacao! We give thanks to the beautiful farmers tending the trees, and the wonderful women who process the cacao to bring it to our cups today. Thank you Ix Cacao, we welcome you into our space and ask that you open our hearts to dance with the divine. Open us to experiencing deeper love, more joy, and process anything that’s needed so that we can release what no longer serves and welcome in what does. Open our voices to sing, our bodies to dance, and inspire our creative life force. Bring us clarity of vision and purity of heart. Thank you to the Spirit of Cacao for bringing us together in this sacred way!


Spiritual Sanctuary & Retreat Center

We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of Sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our Peaceful Haven provides a safe container for Healing, Growth and Empowerment. We are delighted to offer unique guest experiences, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings  & volunteer opportunities

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