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Heart of Cacao Immersion and Pilgrimage Retreat

May 20, 2023 - May 29, 2023

In the upcoming, Heart of Cacao Immersion and Pilgrimage retreat, happening May 20th to 29th, you are invited to connect more deeply to your soul and your unique spiritual path through a Shamanic Initiation known as the Path of the Jaguar.

In this 9-day retreat, you will have the opportunity to embody the next level of your spiritual or medicine path, with direct communion with the elements, sacred ceremony, plant medicine, Cacao, and indigenous elders. This journey is for you if you are desiring to go on a spiritual adventure that is authentic, real and heart-opening.

This sacred journey will begin in Lake Atitlan at the Mystical Yoga Farm, where you will spend 5 days grounding in this magical and mystical vortex surrounded by Volcanoes, our permaculture farm, earth temples, and of course our amazing community.

You will get to experience a traditional Mayan ceremony and make offerings to the fire, creating a portal for blessings and magic to open. Wake up daily with the sun and practice yoga while pondering your life and sacred mission.

Carla will teach you and initiate you into the Path of the Jaguar and the path of light, so you too can learn how to embody and carry this medicine. The jaguar teaches you how to walk in reverence and sacredness for the earth, her medicines, and her children – our fellow brothers and sisters.

One of the days, you will get to experience a sacred plant medicine journey and learn through direct communion with the spirit of the plants.

You will also get to visit our local Cacao farm and the women’s collective we have sourced our cacao for the past 5 years. You will get to learn how Cacao is made, and together we will hold ceremony on those sacred lands, make offerings and enjoy a local authentic meal.


From there the journey unfolds as we travel to another town in Guatemala known as Chichicastenango. There we will get a chance to shop and eat at the biggest, most colorful artisanal market in all of Guatemala. In this town, we will also visit with Local Mayan elders and spiritual guides for a very special healing ceremony and personal treatment sessions.

Lastly, to complete this incredible journey, we will travel together to the ancient Ruins of Tikal to visit the Mayan Great Temple of the Jaguar, the Señor Cacao or King Cacao. We will stay in this area for a couple of days, visiting sacred sites and also sharing in sacred ceremonies onsite.

The magical adventure and mystery that is going to unfold before our eyes, is beyond words. The path of the Jaguar is here to open your heart to more presence, deep knowing, and self-awareness. The Spirit of the Jaguar is here to awaken you to your sacred mission, true power, and purpose in this life.

If you are in need of healing, the jaguar will bless you with healing. If you are in need of inspiration, the jaguar will bless you with remembrance. If you are in need of courage, the jaguar is here to bless you with strength. Grandmother Jaguar is here to show you the way as you walk the pathless path, of the unknown, and of the mystic, artist, shaman, and sacred warrior.


May 20, 2023
May 29, 2023