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Yoga for the Womb

August 6, 2023 - August 10, 2023

50 hour continuing education course for yoga teachers and beyond

Asana and Meridian Therapy for the Moon Cycle

Come and dive into the sacred portal of the womb space through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yoga. Human health and vitality, according to ancient traditions of Chinese Medicine, were seen to be influenced by planetary movements, lunar and solar cycles, and the influential qi from the cosmos. One could not understand the phases and cycles of our internal rhythms without first deeply contemplating the shifts and changes of the universe. This course is designed to create a shift towards greater alignment and attunement with the natural world through understanding how our moon cycle ebbs and flows with the laws of nature. Students will be introduced to concepts such as “building yin” after bleeding, “supporting yang” during ovulation and “moving qi and blood” to
ease pre-menses tension. This contextual knowledge will be further understood through the sequencing and timing of asana practice, daily rituals, food energetics and much more.
Birthing children is one of the main purposes of this organ, but is also at the seat of our creativity, our longevity and complete hormonal system.  The womb holds the seeds of what needs to be birthed through us, both physically and energetically.   This course is
for anyone wanting to learn how to cultivate a strong, connected internal balance with
themselves and their world through the portal of the womb space.

*We will learn about how to assess this health and learn from the traditions of Yoga and
Traditional Chinese Medicine on how to restore the health and vitality of the womb.

The tools that will be covered included:

🏵 Fertility awareness: What are the signs and symptoms of a healthy cycle?
🏵 Specific yoga asana and pranayam to practice during each phase of the menstrual/moon cycle.
🏵 Energetic anatomy through the womb space.
🏵 Energetic anatomy of the spine: pelvic floor, bandhas, nadis, chakras, meridian integration and understanding.
🏵 5 elements based on Chinese Medicine: their wisdom, their spirit, their organs and their flow.
🏵 Introduction to Meridian Therapy: how to restore the natural flow of qi and blood through the meridian/organ system with asana.
🏵 Nutrition and self care practices for each phase of the menstrual cycle.
Harnessing optimum creativity from our cycles.
🏵 Pulse observation. 
🏵 Rhythms of hormones/endocrine system.

Example Schedule

Day 1
Arrival by 2pm
3pm Check In and Temescal
4pm Introduction to Course
5:30 Dinner Nourishment
7pm Evening Moon Blood Ceremony

Day 2 · Bleeding Day – Grounding – New Moon
7-8:30 Asana for Menstruation
9am Breakfast, Sun Bathing & Swim
10am Overview of Cycle, Organs, Meridians – Menstruation & Fertility
1pm Nourishment 
3pm Moon time asana and meridians associated
7pm Letting Go Ceremony

Day 3 · Waxing Moon – Yin
7-8:30 Asana – Yoga for up to Ovulation
9am Breakfast, Sun Bathing & Swim
10am Building Yin, Nutrition, Massage
1pm Nourishment 
3pm Asana, Pranayama and Sacred Vessels
5:30 Dinner Nourishment
7pm Ovulation Ceremony

Day 4 · Waning Moon – Yang
7-8:30 Asana – Yoga for After Ovulation
9am Breakfast, Sun Bathing & Swim
10am Supporting Yang, Pulse Diagnostics
1pm Nourishment 
3pm Asana – Move Chi and Blood, Creativity
5:30 Dinner Nourishment
7pm Sound Ceremony, Reflection -Warmth and Chi
Building lining of Uterus, Get Chi moving

Day 5 
7-8:30 Co-teaching
9am Breakfast, Sun Bathing & Swim
10am Graduation, Sharing and Reflection

Moon Mandala

Within this portion of the training, participants will be able to embody the practice themselves.  This portion of the training, will take you through one cycle of your menstrual cycle.  Encompassing everything learned in the course, students will have the opportunity to have an introspective embodied experience.  Each class will focus on a specific phase of the cycle, and participants can play the recording where they are within their cycle, for one complete cycle. Four recordings will be provided to students, each representing a different phase of the menstrual cycle. Asana and meridian therapy will each be covered within each class.

This portion is to be completed after the in-person portion of the training and will include a 3 hour follow up session with the group. 


August 6, 2023
August 10, 2023