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HeartSong Medicine Retreat

January 23th – 31th, 2024

A unique opportunity to dive deep with the sacred plant medicine allies!

Experience deep healing, profound insights, and inspiring guidance on how to live your life to the fullest, step into your true power, and embody your highest self. Release old traumas, blockages and limiting beleif systems that hold you back! Open your heart, share your voice, learn new medicine songs, and expand yourself in this safe, sacred container!

Led by three of the MYF’s core members: Jahendo, Sunny, and Hawk!

Pricing starting at $900 USD, includes three nourishing meals a day (may be less for ceremony days), comfy accommodation (tenting, dorm room or private), all medicine ceremonies, all integration circles/activites, and extra workshops to open our voices and connect with our HeartSong!

Due to the Nature of this sacred work, you must reach out to us personally to inquire about more information, please put “Medicine Retreat” as the subject.

Please let us know your interest in this retreat, share your intentions, and any experience working with plants previously.

This retreat will include:
❇️7 nights
❇️3 Plant Medicine Ceremonies
❇️1 Cacao Integration
❇️Yoga/Meditation everyday
❇️Integration Circles
❇️Sound Healing
❇️Medicine Song Practice
❇️Sacred Sauna
❇️Delicious Plant Based Meals
Daily Schedule
Day 1
⚜️Opening Prayers
⚜️Fire Ceremony

Day 2
⚜️Medicine Orientation
⚜️Medicine Ceremony

Day 3
⚜️Integration Circle
⚜️Sacred Sauna

Day 4
⚜️Self Practice
⚜️Medicine Hikes: 3 altars
⚜️Sacred Fire

Day 5
⚜️Integration Circle
⚜️Sound Healing

Day 6 
⚜️All-Night Fire Prayer
⚜️Medicine Ceremony

Day 7
⚜️Epic Sunrise at the Dock
⚜️Sacred Sauna
⚜️Chillout & Sing

Day 8
⚜️Integration Circle
⚜️Freetime Integration
⚜️Closing Cacao
⚜️Song Circle

Day 9
⚜️Final Integration Departure

Click More Info button to find all the details about this sacred offering. Including which medicine plants we will use, about the facillitators and their experience, the flow of each ceremony, extra integration activities, pricing, what’s included and lots more details!

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