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Yawanawa Healing Medicine Retreat

March 17, 2024 – March 24, 2024


A  plant medicine retreat experience, led by indigenous masters of the Amazon Forest in their ancient, traditional way

Yawanawa tribe is an indigenous tribe from Brazil. One of the original carriers of Ayahuasca, and the original bringers of Hapé to the world. Their music is unlike anything else, completely connected to spirit and reach vibrations of pure Earth Magic. You may have heard westerners sing their songs (I sing a bunch of them in ceremony) such as Wacomaia or Te Nande or Kano Kano. Hearing them come directly from their lineage is unlike anything else! You may have had Hapé and Ayahuasca before, but sitting with these masters is truly special!

If you love these medicines, their music, and want to experience it straight from the source, I highly recommend you come join us here in Lake Atitlán. And big bonus is that you’ll get to experience the beautiful magic of the MYF, my home and community filled with art and organic herbs/food, completely off grid, 100% zero Waste right on the shores of the lake between 3 volcanos!

And a fun fact, this will be our first time EVER hosting an Ayahuasca ceremony at our Sacred Fire Circle! Normally we host them inside at Jag, but for the Yawas, the sacred fire is a key element. Their ceremonies are much different than other styles. Healing section with Icaros (they call them Saites) In the beginning, then it’s a full on celebration after this with drums, guitars, dancing, singing and blessings!

Ronna is the son of the cheif of Yawarani and the grandson of the village founder. He is a young leader, and a way shower to his community and village. He also travels the world sharing his beautiful medicine and plays shows at Envision Festival. He is an absolute legend. No need to go deep into the jungle to work with him for your healing and growth. Guate is a short flight away, and we have all the western amenities for you to feel comfortable, safe and supported.

These are true masters of medicine, connected to an ancient lineage of medicines in the forest. Ronnã Yawanawa and Tima Souza Yawanawa are hailing from the Yawarani Village in Acre, Brazil. Our owner, Jahendo, had the honor to visit these brothers in their indigenous jungle village in September. Jahendo takes this work very seriously, and is personally organizing their visit with us! These guys are the real deal, they carry deep wisdom and share their medicine and culture with alot of love, care, respect, honor, integrity and responsibility! The retreat and ceremonies will be supported by his family, and a couple incredible translators. Plus additional support by Jahendo and Sunny, who are both professional medicine carriers and spaceholders! So you will be in very good, safe, healing hands!

Yawanawa Healing Medicine Retreat



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