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Plant Medicine Ceremonies & Retreats

Awaken your heart, heal your body and connect with spirit through plant medicine journeys at our premier earth-based retreat center on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

A Sacred Sanctuary For Your Plant Medicine Journey

We are a fully resourced shamanic center, completely immersed in nature right on the shores of Lake Atitlan. In our medicine retreats and ceremonies you’ll receive experienced shamanic & space-holders support, three vibrant vegan buffet meals daily and care from our karma yoga team.

At MYF, Hawk, Jah, and Sunny, our highly skilled practitioners, lead a profound medicinal space-holding experience. By blending ancient Spiritual & Healing arts with modern therapeutic techniques, they create a sanctuary for self-discovery.

Through their expertise, participants embark on an incredible transformative journey, unlocking profound layers of insight and well-being. These skilled healers ensure that the medicinal space-holding experience is not only deeply enriching but also conducted with utmost expertise and care.

We never film or photograph our plant medicine offerings. All photos on this page are from other types of Mystical Yoga Farm events.

Medicines We Serve

Jurema (Changawaska)

Jurema is seen as the huntress and guardian of the forest. With her swift arrow, she pierces through the darkness and brings forth the light. She helps to release traumas, heal parts of ourselves, release old patterns, receive beautiful visions and insights, illuminates parts of ourselves that need shifting, strengthens our relationships, brings deep connection to Spirit and the Forest, and ultimately brings forth more joy and magick in our lives!

We also offer a MAOI tea, called Syrian Rue, which will enhance end elongate the DMT effects. This allows it to flow into our bloodstream for deeper healing and space within the experience.

The ceremony is held in a sacred container, lasting about 6 hours. Held like an Aya ceremony with noble silence, Icaros, songs from the jungle, medicine music, and Jurema songs. Then we will crank up the joy and bring lots of lightness, celebration and happiness into the space. We will open the space for others to share songs towards the end.

Medicine will be served by Jahendo, alongside Sunny and Hawk. Jahendo has 8 years experience serving this medicine (DMT) and 3 years experience sharing it in this particular ceremony style.

Huachuma (San Pedro Cactus)

Huachuma, or San Pedro, is seen as the Grandfather medicine of the Andes. His active alkaloid is Mescaline, which is NOT a tryptamine. It’s in the same family as Cacao and MDMA, with similar heart opening benefits, with it’s own unique subtle energy. In large doses can be psychedelic & visionairy, tho those aren’t it’s primary affects. The effects can last anywhere from 8-16 hours depending on dosage. You will have the choice of how much medicine you’d like to drink.

The main effects of huachuma are heart-opening, deepened state of awareness, profound connection to Nature and deep communion with Spirit. He offers us a deep focus, stillness of the mind, focus. He opens us up to our Prayer, what we want to create in this life, our purpose, our patterns, and how we can become a better person! The most magical effects are that of Clarity of Vision, and revealing our Truest Self and how to embody that.

See below for the two types of Huachuma experiences we offer during our medicine retreats. 


Ayahuasca is a potent plant medicine revered for its healing properties, often often Grandmother. It’s a traditonal Amazonian brew crafted from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and Psychotria viridis leaves. This sacred medicine has been used for centuries in indigenous rituals to facilitate deep transformation, spiritual insight, and emotional healing.

Ayahuasca creates a deepened connection to your emotions that faciltates healing of trauma, provides profound spiritual insights and a broader understanding of oneself and the universe, and can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, among many other benefits.

For our ayahuasca cermonies we partner with a select few vetted and highly experienced facilitators who lead the experience, while Jah, Sunny and others here at MYF provide assistant faciltation and space holding.

Two Types of Huachuma Experiences

Huachuma Day Hike

For our Day Hike, we drink first cup and open the ceremony in our temple Jaguar Hall. We open the space with prayers, intentions and songs, followed by a short movement exercise to bring awareness to our bodies and energy flow.

We then begin our hike, which has 3 pit-stops along the way. There is about 2hrs total of hiking, and we will hang out in each pitstop for about 1-3hrs each. 

Our first pitstop is Grandfather Rock, an ancient Mayan altar with 1000s of years history being used as a sacred site for prayers, offerings and connection to the Spirit Realm. We connect with the Earth, leave offerings, pray, sing Earth songs, and make a flower mandala together. Then we hike up to the 2nd altar.

Our second pitstop is deep in the forest at an ancient Mayan water altar. In this space we will sing water songs, have a special water blessing ritual, honor the divine feminine, and drink our second cup of medicine. Then we will hike up to our third altar and finish our ceremony around the sacred fire in the evening.

Huachuma Fire Prayer

Our Fire Prayer is an all-night ceremonial experience around the Sacred Fire, praying, singing, dancing, and connecting with the elements. The medicine gives you plenty of energy to stay up all night, and WOW, the sunrise will be the most magical moment of our lives!

The night is divided into 4 rounds from sunset-sunrise. Each round will be based on an element – earth, water, air and fire. Throughout the night there will be certain songs to connect with each element, lots of space for others to share songs, fun guided activities, places of silence and stillness, sound healing, and more. An abundance of offerings are available throughout the night to make lots of prayers and give thanks!

We end at sunrise with fruit, snacks, soup and a glorious lake swim and dock party!

Integration Offerings

We offer a variety of sacred and rejunviating experiences throughout our retreats to support your healing journey.

Ceremonial Cacao

Cacao is a beautiful, gentle, heart-opening medicine. She connects us with our prayer, opens our voices to sing, brings a lot of joy, and helps us to lighten up!

Cacao is a vaso-dilator, meaning that it increases the size of the veins to allow more blood (energy) flow. This enable us to open our hearts, feel our energy and connect with our community. It also contains Theobromine (food of the Gods), which is a stimulant with a sustained energy (unlike caffeine.) Also contains Anandamine (the bliss molecule) bringing more happiness and connection. Guatemalan cacao has VERY little caffeine, which is not noticeable at all. It’s also high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals!

Medicine is served by Jah & Sunny, who collectively have 15 years worth of experience guiding cacao ceremonies in multiple different contexts and containers.

Integration Circles

These circles will be offered multiple times throughout the retreat. This is a time where each person gets to share about their process, their experience within the medicine, any challenges or breakthroughs, and how these lessons can be integrated and embodied moving forward. The best part about a retreat like this is the added integration time and support. This gives more time to embody the teachings and lessons before returning out into the world again!

Meditation & Yoga

This is a beautiful way to bring the medicine fully into our bodies and minds so that we can use the medicine outside of ceremony. The real teachings the medicine gives us is how to live a better daily life, without the need for medicine. Meditation and Yoga is the perfect daily practice that can help us maintain stillness, reflect on our journey, expand our overall awareness and bring more presence. It’s also a beautiful ways to get our bodies feeling good between long ceremonies.

Sacred Sauna

In our sauna we practice silence, singing and praying. A perfect way to practice songs and get into a natural trance state. It’s also a beautiful way to sweat out any toxins and release any lingering energy from the ceremonies. Leave feeling reborn, refreshed and revitalized!

Sound Healing

Sound is frequency, and by utilizing a variety of sacred instruments, these vibrations can heal us on a cellular level. It’s a great, relaxing way to integrate the medicine experiences, and get really good rest. In this sober state, we are able to receive visions, reflections, insights, downloads and healing that will assist us in the deep medicine work we will be doing! We will have 1x 2hr sound ceremony, as well as we will have multiple instruments and sound journeys infused into our medicine spaces. Hawk is our master sound healing with over 500hrs of training, and 1000s of hours of practices. He has 4 gongs, 7 crystal tones singing bowls, 10 tibetan bowls, 8 flutes, handpan, rav drum, chimes, and some fun surprises!

Meet Our Facilitators

Jahendo, Sunny, and Hawk are best friends and have been holding space in 100s of ceremonies together for the last 3 years. Their deep friendship and love for each other vibrates out into any healing space they’re in.


Jahendo is the owner of the Mystical Yoga Farm and hosts ceremonies there regularly. He has been working at MYF since 2015, learning and sharing his skills.

He is a professional medicine music and carries many heart songs, medicine songs, indigenous songs from the jungle, and icaros. He loves choosing songs based on the way that they move energy and the healing force they carry.

He has been serving changa for over 8 years, and serving huachuma for just over 5 years. He continues to deepen his work and do his own healing by sitting with shamans and medicine carriers all over the world, and does a yearly pilgrimage in Peru.

He’s worked deeply with a number of traditions including Shipibo, Huni Kuin, Marakame (Huichol), Quechua, and many more. He incorporates a lot of these healing modalities into a well-rounded service to the divine. He has assisted in many Ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as Huachuma, Peyote and others, and believes it is a divine service to work with these medicines and work with their original carriers.

He is a 500hr E-RYT yoga teacher and has studied and helped in over 10 shamanic yoga teacher trainings. He loves infusing yoga philosophy into the ceremonial works. 

His biggest passion is bringing joy and lightness, as well as focus and sacredness into his offerings. He provides a very safe, held and loving healing space for transformation!


Sunny is the Heart Keeper and Manager of the Mystical Yoga Farm. She has been working at the MYF since 2018. She is filled with the pure spirit of the hummingbird, of joy, love, connection and play.

She is a gentle yet powerful space holder, by active listening, being fully present, sharing heart opening music, and teaching playful yoga.

She first started working with plant medicines 6 years ago. She says, “In my first Huachuma ceremony I found a deep connection with my true essence and the elements around me, it opened my voice, heart, mind and spirit.” Since this experience Sunny has been sitting in different medicine ceremonies with indigenous tribes and people who have directly worked with the original medicine carriers.

Sunny has been assisting in Hucahuma, Changa, and Ayahuasca ceremonies for three years. In these ceremonies Sunny holds a motherly/sisterly/angelic presence, a safe space for those to be held and nurtured if they need that support. She uses music and her voice to help the medicine move through our bodies. She is available for 1-on-1 support, limpias, a hand to hold, and a bright light to look at when feeling lost in the dark.


Hawk de la Roca is a ceremonialist, multi-instrumentalist and curious explorer of consciousness, frequency and the healing arts.
He loves to weave together mystical soundscapes that invoke deep relaxation and opens portals to altered states of consciousness and Soul Activation. 

Hawk has lots of experience holding a safe space for people to open their hearts and heal, using sound as a tool to guide them. He creates an atmosphere where everyone can feel free to let go and experience the power of their inner voice to call in their purpose, dreams and magic!

Hawk began working ceremonially with plant medicines in 2014 and has studied with indigenous curanderos in the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Rainforests of Peru and Ecuador. Hawk is also an experienced yoga teacher, song carrier and transformational retreat leader.

What People Are Saying About Our Ceremonies...

“Sitting in Ceremony with Jah, Sunny & Hawk was one of the best decisions i could have made for myself. Their wisdom and love just fill every space, while creating a safe container to express yourself so freely truly is unmatched. Deciding to sit in ceremonies with them has influenced and healed my soul deeply. I am forever grateful for this farmily, these experiences and this transformation i went through. A golden palace i wish every soul could visit, i will definitely be back when the time comes again.”

Maya from Germany
(Healer & Ceremonialist)

“I’ve sat in ceremony with Jah for 4 Changa and 5 Huachuma ceremonies. He always brings a light hearted fun energy that makes you feel safe as well as a serious mentor like energy that really encourages you to do the work and stay present not just have a good time. I’m thankful for this balance he brings because he reminds me to stay present when I get a bit too high or to lighten up when I feel like the darkness is consuming me in a certain moment. Jah honors the traditions of his teachers nobly and I would highly recommend to anyone whole heartedly to sit with Jah in a held space. He is an amazing inspiring human who I’ve come to love like a brother. Namaste.”

Jonah from USA
(Musician, Yoga Teacher, Permaculturist)

“I spontaneously decided to attend the Changa Ceremony with Jah, a medicine I had never previously heard of. But the way he created the space, the passion and deep connection he had to the medicine made me feel totally safe and capable of being able to handle what ever Jurema would shoot with her arrow of light out of the dark spots of trauma in my heart.

This journey of surrendering to a truth that I didn’t knew was buried under the fear in my heart opened me wide for the beautiful and unpredictable evolution of life. Every time Jah and friends started singing, they lifted me up again, opened a door to a new mystery. Everything was guided in such a breeze that the many hours felt light and soft. Especially the limpia that Jah gave each of us moved something in me that I didn’t know before that anyone would be able to, feeling the power of words and sacred smokes in a totally new way, a reality of light that drives me till today.

Thank you. I highly recommend sitting with these powerful spaceholders!”

Muña’s Jurema Journey
(Healer, Musician & Yoga)

“I sat with Jah and Sunny in their Huachuma Ceremony and it was magical! Other than previous experiences with space holding by others which often felt very serious and plain in a way, Jah and Sunny truly put their hearts into the medicine they were sharing with us, their spirit of joy and devotion led us through a powerful hike and a passionated fire circle and every time the mind got chatty, telling me I was not capable, their strong songs and supporting comments Liften the weight of self doubt off my shoulders.

I probably had one of the biggest break throughs in my journey with the cactus medicine, a realization which Vick started a journey of self love and acceptance of all part of my soul AND my human body. I am beyond grateful. You should for sure sit with them!”

Muña’s Huachuma Journey
(Healer, Musician & Yoga)

Upcoming Medicine Retreats

HeartSong Plant Medicine Retreat
January 23-31, 2024

Join us for our signature plant medicine offering, with a focus on healing, empowerment, inspiration, medicine music, prayer, and joy. We utilize the sacred healing plants to catalyze our healing journey, bring profound insights and clarity, open the heart, connect to Nature, and to liberate our voice. Plant Medicine is a beautiful tool that can create profound, rapid healing and transformation. Inside this retreat container, we go above and beyond just a weekend ceremony, with plenty of time to relax, lots of integration time and activities. Our loving, experienced, professionally trained spaceholding staff to support you every step of the way, inside and outside of ceremony.

More info about the specific medicine plants we work with, who the facilitators are and their experience, price, whats included, flow of each ceremony and more, click the button below to learn more!

Yawanawa Retreat
March 17-24

A week of deep healing, profound clarity, and celebration. Sit in ceremony with true indigenous masters from Brazil. Yawanawa are one of the original carriers of Ayahuasca, and the true bringers of rapéh to the world. Ronna is the son of the cheif, and young leader of the Yawarani village, carrying wisdom of his lineage. Supported by his family AND extra support from MYF leaders Jah and Sunny.

Retreat includes 3 traditional plant medicine ceremonies, room, all meals, and additional integration activities

Pricing & Booking Through…

Whatsapp +50231774452

Email – info@mysticalyogafarm.com

Huni Kuin Retreat
July 2024

More info coming soon!

Questions About Our Ceremonies & Retreats?

Any questions please message Sunny on WhatsApp +1-760-688-8283 or email info@mysticalyogafarm.com subject “medicine retreat”

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