Volunteer & Work Trade

A special opportunity to be in service to the community and our greater visions, while discovering and sharing your gifts, skills and passions.

Work Trade Opportunites

Please Note : ** Our volunteer and work trade positions are currently FULL for the next few months !

We are receiving applications for MARCH 15th 2020 and beyond. Please get in touch with us if you'd like to join us in March!
We have a one month minimum commitment and we do prioritize those who can stay long term, to help us grow our community, and see our projects through from seed to fruit.

Specific work trade positions we are looking for include :

Permaculture Gurus & Gardeners

Handymen/Handywomen, builders, carpenters, natural builders

Spanish and English Teachers

Vegan Cook

Mural Artists

Social Media & Marketing Wizard

If any of these roles call to you, and you feel you are equipped with the needed gifts to fulfill them, please reach out to us via our contact form! We'd love to hear from you.

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Karma Yogi Volunteer Program

Our Karma Yogi Volunteer program is one of the most special things about the Mystical Yoga Farm. We are so grateful to be able to provide an oppurtunity for seekers to experience life in the forest, off-the-grid, living in a community setting.

Our Karma Yogis help with almost everything around the farm, from holding workshops, teaching classes, setting up sacred spaces, planting and harvesting, greeting guests, farm tours, occasionally cooking, holding space for one another and contributing to the overall energy of the community by sharing their unique gifts and light with all who come to the farm.

In order to support us - supporting you, (and supporting the local community too!)
And to make our Karma Yogi Volunteer program possible, we do require a daily financial contribution from each person to contribute to their food costs.
We provide daily yoga and meditation, three epic vegan meals a day (homegrown and organic wherever possible), unlimited herbal teas, an abundance of workshops and ceremonies including temezcal, cacao medicine, sound healings, and  accommodations.

In exchange we gratefully receive your financial contribution as well as 4-5 hours a day of your care and attention to farm tasks. This is not an ordinary volunteer position. You will certainly be changed by life at the Mystical Yoga Farm, and you will have opportunity to practice with many teachers, healers and friends from all the world over.

Our volunteer program has a one month minimum commitment. The first 2 months of volunteering are $10 USD a day.The third month of volunteering is $5 per day.
After three months of volunteering at the farm, each Karma Yogi will have learned all the ins and outs of how to keep things running smoothly, and your love and care will be greatly appreciated. After three months of volunteering, each Karma Yogi can talk with Farm about other ways you can contribute to the farm and help our community blossom.

The Mystical Yoga Farm is off the grid, solar powered, and we grow lots of our own food. We have 11 local Tzutujil Mayan staff who are the heart of the farm, and they are the Guardians of the land. We feel grateful to count on such an amazing group of loyal workers and friends, some who have been here since the very start of the Mystical Yoga farm.

Things to Consider

We wholeheartedly create and maintain a healthy and sustainable environment for our community and guests and we expect the same from you throughout your time here.

The farm operates from a high vibration and we ask that you serve the farm with love and an open heart.

This is a place for people to deepen their personal practices and come together as a group, for healing, growth and celebration.

For our volunteer team, we need team members who are independent enough to progress with tasks solo, with instructions from the farm Management. We also need team members who can create magic and collaborate with a group and who are willing to contribute or help with farm needs as they arise, even if they are not related to your specific project.

We are a peaceful community and we do not consume alcohol at the Mystical Yoga Farm. 

We offer unique immersive life changing volunteer opportunities. We function as a community, a family, a team united through a common goal of service and helping others.

We do not have WIFI at the farm and encourage all to disconnect (digitally) to reconnect (spiritually).
If you need to have access to the internet, you may purchase a local sim card with TIGO which can receive 4g signal by the lakes edge.

We follow a vegan diet at the farm, we do not consume animal products, with the exception of local honey available for sale from our local bees

We live among nature and we are peaceful with all of the critters and creatures of the natural world.

Volunteer Application

We have many people who apply to volunteer with us, and only a limited amount of space available. For this reason, it is important for us to get to know Who You Are, to ensure that all who we accept into our volunteer program are in alignment with our values and will be a positive contribution to our team.  Please take your time and answer our short questionnaire by copying and pasting the below questions (and your answers) into the contact form below. Please answer in as much detail as you can. Gracias and Namaste

Volunteer Questionnaire

(Please include these questions and your answers in your message below! Thanks!)

1. How did you hear about the Mystical Yoga Farm? What draws you to want to live and work here?

2. Do you have a spiritual practice? Please describe.

3. What are you passionate about? What inspires you, makes your heart sing?

4. Have you ever lived/worked in an intentional community? What inspired you about it, and what was challenging for you?

5. Do you have experience traveling in foreign countries? Do you speak Spanish?

6. What can you offer to the community?

What hands-on skills do you have? (ie. carpenter, gardener, artist, social media, cooking, etc.)

Do you have any certifications? (ie. yoga teacher, permaculture design, reiki, etc.)

7. How would you describe your work ethic? 

How do you work with others? Are you more of an independent or group-oriented worker?

8. How do you practice conscious communication?

9. Do you like tea?

10. Are you comfortable living off-grid with no wi-fi?

Are you comfortable with a vegan diet?

11. How do you care for and protect the Earth?

12. What are some of your goals for the future?

13. Please describe yourself in one paragraph.

14. When would you like to come, and how long would you like to stay?

15. Please link us to your facebook, instagram, website or blog so we can get a feel for Who you Are 

16. Is there anything else you'd like to add or express?

Please enter your name.
Please enter a message.
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We are blessed to be nestled in the forest on the shores of Sacred Lake Atitlán, Guatemaya, between three magnificent volcanoes. Our Peaceful Haven provides a safe container for Healing, Growth and Empowerment. We are delighted to offer unique guest experiences, workshops, retreats, yoga teacher trainings  & volunteer opportunities

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